Australasian Immunology

Researchers in Australia and New Zealand have been at the forefront of immunological research for decades. Fundamental discoveries that keep inspiring new research in the discipline include

  • Elaboration of the clonal selection theory of antibody responses by Nobel Laureate MacFarlane Burnet, later confirmed by Gustav Nossal.
  • Discovery of the function of the thymus by Jacques Miller
  • Discovery of the collaboration between B and T lymphocytes collaboration by Jacques Miller and Graham Mitchell
  • Discovery of MHC restriction by Nobel Laureates Peter Doherty and Rolf Zinkernagel.
  • Discovery of hematopoietic growth factors including G-CSF and GM-CSF by Don Metcalf
  • Enunciation of the ‚ÄúTumour Immunosurveillance‚ÄĚ theory by Nobel Laureate MacFarlane Burnet, recently confirmed by Mark Smyth and collaborators
  • Coordination of the world campaign for eradication of variola (pox virus) by Frank Fenner
  • Design of egg based split Influenza virus vaccines by MacFarlane Burnet, Rob Webster and Graeme Laver
  • Development of the CFSE dilution-based measurement for cell division by Bruce Lyons and Chris Parish
  • Description of the Bcl family of pro-apoptotic molecules by Suzanne Cory, Jerry Adams, David Vaux and Andreas Strasser
  • Discovery of Helicobacter pylori as the cause of peptic ulcer by Nobel Laureates Barry Marshall and Robin Warren
  • Development of the first anti-cancer vaccine (HPV) by Ian Frazer
  • Generation of OT-I and OT-II transgenic T cells by Frank Carbone and Bill Heath
  • Classification of Dendritic Cell subsets by Ken Shortman
  • Generation of genetic models of tolerance by Chris Goodnow