Australia’s Cities

We’re shining the spotlight on Australia’s vibrant cities and their unique attractions and experiences. Each city is distinct from the other but truly Australasian in flavour. Learn about city precincts such as The Rocks in Sydney, Brisbane’s South Bank and Perth’s funky central suburbs. Be devoured by Adelaide’s Central Markets. Explore new places and trends, from Melbourne’s summer rooftops to Darwin’s revitalised waterfront and art precinct. Read about our city waterways, botanic gardens and cultural and heritage attractions. Discover new destinations like Albany, Bundaberg and Glenelg. We have great journey ideas to help you explore our cities or use them as a base for your Australasian adventure.

For more information, please visit or click on the button below to view fact sheets on a number of Australian cities: 

Fact Sheets


New South Wales
016691	Snorkelling - Hardy Reef, Great Barrier Reef



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Kangaroo Island_editedSouth Australia

Ayers Rock 1_edited

Northern Territory

Whale Shark (Tourism WA)_editedWestern Australia  canberra1043800_editedAustralia Capital Territory

New Zealand

While you are down under, don’t miss out on the easy opportunity to see New Zealand. Please visit for more information.


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North Island

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South Island


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