Are Battleaxe properties cheaper?

Are Battleaxe properties cheaper?

A battleaxe block is usually cheaper than a lot with street frontage. This enables you to direct more of your budget into building your dream home (or adding value to your investment). You may also be able to afford to buy in a more desirable area, with long-term lifestyle benefits.

All in all, a battleaxe block is a cost-effective way to own a property with enhanced privacy and safety. Certain situations owning a battleaxe property may be costly such as building in restricted sites, but generally, they are cheap compared to buying a title from a vacant piece of land.

Can you subdivide a battleaxe block?

Ring your local council and ask to speak to the Duty Planner and ask them if it can be subdivided and/or Google town planners in the area and ring one of them. They should be able to tell you.

Why is it called a battleaxe block?

They are named for their distinct L-shape, which is said to look like a battle axe, hammer, hatchet or flagpole from above. Battle axe blocks are often the result of property developers subdividing a long block of land widthwise, with the rear section becoming a battle axe block.

What is a battle AXE allotment?

Battle Axe or Hatchet shaped allotments are those which are located at the rear of street frontage lots and which obtain or share street access via an access corridor. REQUIREMENTS. a For the purpose of calculating the minimum lot area the area of any access corridor is to be excluded.

What is a battle-axe road?

Battle-Axe Lot means a lot that has access to a road by an access laneway. Example of a Battle-Axe Lot. Important Notes. 1. Clause 3.3 (2) of the Housing Code states: a battle-axe lot has 3 side boundaries and a rear boundary.

How big is the battle axe block house?

… battle – axe block and features a four bedroom plus study home with two car spaces, two living areas, two bathrooms and a pool. This property… Nestled on an elevated, private, battle axe bock and leased until July 2019, this modern, lowset brick veneer home is an ideal investment…

How big is the Battleaxe block in mitula?

Tucked away on a 778m2 battleaxe block, backing onto a greenbelt/parkland which is perfect for the pet owner or the kids to run and play. Within a short…

How did the battle axe block get its name?

From a sense of security to financial gain, the benefits of the subdivision method for both buyers and sellers are many. Typically situated behind an existing property, a battle-axe block gets its name from its shape – the shared driveway being the handle and the main building area being the axe head.

Why are battle axe blocks popular in WA?

“Over the years, subdividing has become more popular as people realise they no longer want the upkeep of a big block, plus they can make money by selling off their back garden to create a new battle-axe block.” While subdivision is nothing new in WA, Mr Pritchett said the battle-axe method had come to the fore of late.