Are Bro Strider and Dirk the same?

Are Bro Strider and Dirk the same?

Not to be confused with Sweet Bro or Dirk’s Bro. Dirk Strider is Dave Strider’s ectobiologic father, adoptive older brother, and guardian. He shared a fierce sibling rivalry with his younger brother and raised him harshly, to the point of his behavior being considered abuse by Andrew Hussie.

Is Bro Strider Dave’s brother?

Bro Strider is a minor antagonist in the webcomic Homestuck. He serves as Dave Strider’s adopted brother and genetic father.

Who is Hal Strider?

Dirk Strider’s Auto-Responder, who later ironically renames himself Lil Hal, is an artificial intelligence (AI), and program created to mimic Dirk and talk in his stead when he is indisposed. As such he uses the same chumhandle and originally the same typing color as Dirk.

Why did Jake and Dirk break up?

Upon being confronted by trickster Jake’s proposal to group marry him and once engaging in a failed version of trickster mode himself, Dirk breaks up with Jake. Dirk guesses that his intense advances towards him were partially initially because Jake was the only romantic target due to his orientation.

How old is Davesprite?

Weaknesses: While he is very mature and badass for his age, Davesprite is still a thirteen-year old kid, and one who has gone through some serious traumas.

How old is Caliborn?

Trivia. Although Caliborn and Calliope’s birthday and age are not mentioned in canon, Hussie has stated that it would make sense that their birthday is 11/11 and that they are eleven “units” old. Based on his birthday, aspect, and lunar sway, this would make Caliborn’s Extended Zodiac sign Scories, the Redeemer.

What does Dave call karkat?

Dave calls Karkat many nicknames. One of his favorites is “Kitkat” and whenever he uses this, he will randomly pull out a Kitkat candy bar. Karkat won’t admit it, but Kitkats are his favorite candy now because of this.

Why does Dave Strider wear sunglasses?

In Homestuck Dave Strider is given a strikingly similar pair of sunglasses by his friend John Egbert, accompanied by a signed photograph of Ben Stiller, because Dave is just that cool. It appears to be the photo that was used as a reference in the carving of the Ben Stiller bust.

What blood is Nepeta?


Maid of Time Page of Breath Knight of Blood
Nepeta Leijon Kanaya Maryam Vriska Serket
“arsenicCatnip [AC]” “grimAuxiliatrix [GA]” “arachnidsGrip [AG]”
Heir of Void Bard of Rage Witch of Life
Equius Zahhak Gamzee Makara Feferi Peixes

What blood color is karkat?

Some trolls are liable to avoid wearing and typing in their own blood colors in special circumstances. Karkat, for example, wears gray in order to keep his true blood color hidden.

Why did Dirk try to Kill Lil Hal?

When Hal confronts him about it, Dirk lashes out at the AR for embodying the worst aspects of his personality and attempts to kill Hal by crushing the shades containing him. Hal desperately asks him to stop, and he does when he learns that Hal is afraid of dying.

How did Lil Cal become Dirk Strider’s dream self?

On Earth, his waking self is also knocked out by the blow, presumably because of his consciousness being divided between his two selves, and drops Lil Cal into the sea below. Afterward, the projection of Dirk which existed in Jake’s dream bubble becomes Dirk’s dream self.

How does Dirk Strider get back to the incipphere?

He is told he will arrive in the session in three hours and advised to contact Dave, which he does – however, the numerous stardust glitches surrounding Dirk cause his words to become unreadable. Eventually, he gets back to the Incipisphere, only to find it utterly destroyed.

Where did Dirk Strider get his name from?

His name may also be a reference to Bro’s use of unbreakable katanas, as a dirk is a kind of blade, although dirks are actually Celtic daggers, not swords. Another one of Dirk’s nicknames is Mangaka Dudebro, which he was referred as by Roxy while she was talking to John on LOWAS.