Are councils responsible for fencing?

Are councils responsible for fencing?

Any fences or walls that act as a boundary between a Council home and a neighbouring garden are the responsibility either of the tenant or their neighbour.

Who is responsible for fence at end of garden?

The owner of the fence is usually responsible for maintaining the fence. However, this is not always the case. The owner may wish to have the side without the posts – the best side – facing their garden and erect the fence and the posts entirely within their own garden.

Which fence is mine in the back garden?

As a rule of thumb, from the rear of the property looking out into the garden, you are responsible for the fence to your right. It can vary and should show on your deeds. If it doesn’t show anything then your’s is the one at the back and the right.

What side of the fence am I responsible for in a council house?

The rule is that you are responsible for the fence at the right hand side of your property. You will need to approach your neighbour over this.

Can a fence be over a boundary line?

fence or posts should always be placed against the boundary (not over it). If your fencing needs any type of footing to secure it, the footing is allowed to be partly beneath your neighbour’s land. According to the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, this does not constitute encroachment. This is a common problem.

Can a neighbour change the material of the fence?

The type of material can be changed as well. For example: If the old wall was wooden and your neighbour wants to construct a concrete one, you can demand that it has to be entirely on their side so you can put up a fence made from a material of your choosing. Can I make any changes to my neighbour’s wall?

How tall does a wall have to be next to a footpath?

the place where you want the fence /wall ie the footpath if it runs along side a road then it has to be 500 mm of the rd , if its a cycle path and theres a benb in the path ul proberly only be alound a metre in hight so cyclists can see wants coming the other way (vision splay) other than that very max hight is 1.950 tall

When do neighbours have a fence war with your title?

One neighbour feels the current fence is adequate, or just needs repair; One neighbour blames the other for the need to replace the fence; Both neighbours agree they need a new fence, but one or both can’t afford it at present; Neighbours disagree about the position of the title boundary;