Are you covered by workcover if you have an accident on the way to work?

Are you covered by workcover if you have an accident on the way to work?

In NSW, you typically will not need to pay compensation for any injuries sustained on the way to work. However, you may be responsible if there is a connection between their employment and the accident which caused the injury.

Does insurance cover treatment of previous work injury?

The fact of the matter is that if you require treatment for a work-related injury, only workers’ compensation insurance can be used. If you use your personal health insurance when you’re still injured from your workplace injury, you will have to lie to the doctor and tell them your injury is not work-related.

Am I insured on my way working?

Are you covered? Ordinarily, you will not be covered for travel to and from your home to your place of work. It did always used to be the case however, recent changes have restricted the scope of workers compensation; Section 10 Workers Compensation Act 1987 (NSW).

What is the difference between exacerbation and aggravation?

Aggravation is an increase in the severity of a pre-existing condition where the underlying pathology is permanently moved to a higher level. Exacerbation is a temporary increase in the symptoms of a pre-existing condition that returns to its prior level within a reasonable period of time.

Can my boss make me pay for damages?

No, employers cannot charge employees for mistakes, shortages, or damages. Only if you agree (in writing) that your employer can deduct from your pay for the mistake. Deductions must be for your benefit (and agreed to in writing), or done to comply with some aspect of state or federal law.

What can I claim if injured at work?

If your employer failed to meet their responsibilities and negligence has led to you being injured in an accident at work, you can claim compensation by filing a work accident claim. If your claim for a workplace injury is successful the compensation would be paid from the employers liability insurance.