Can a garage refuse to release your car?

Can a garage refuse to release your car?

Finally, a garage has what is called a lien over your vehicle if you do not pay their bill. This means they can legally refuse to return the vehicle until you pay.

Can I drive my car home if it fails MOT?

My car failed its MOT, can I still drive it? It’s illegal to drive with an invalid MOT certificate. If your car has failed and the date on your certificate has passed, you can only drive your car to be repaired or to a pre-arranged MOT appointment, and only if it is completely roadworthy at all times.

Can you sue someone with just their phone number?

Yes, a civil litigator would be able to physically locate the person’s address based in part on the information you have available. Whether counsel would be willing to take the case is another matter, given the (relatively) small amount of money in…

How long can you drive without an MOT?

Is there ever a time I can drive without an MOT? The simple answer is, no, it’s illegal to drive without an MOT. If your vehicle is more than three years old, you can’t drive without an MOT unless you are driving to a pre-booked test at an authorised test centre.

Is your insurance invalid without MOT?

So, in most cases your insurance will be invalidated if you drive without an MOT and that means you’ll be breaking the law twice: first by driving without a valid MOT and second for driving without valid insurance.

What happens if a car isn’t serviced?

It’s important to regularly service your car, even if the service light isn’t on. If you drive with little to no oil in your car for an extended period of time, you can severely damage the head gasket or the pistons, and when these break, the repairs can cost a small fortune.

Can you sue someone with just their name?

Yes, you can sue someone without knowing their address or full name. However, you will have to properly serve them with the complaint and summons of your lawsuit and this will obviously be very difficult.

Can I get my money back from a mechanic?

If your mechanic failed to repair the problem with your car, you may be able to get a refund. Car repairs have the potential for going wrong just as any financial transaction does – particularly if you’re arranging for repairs on your own rather than relying on your insurance company to pay for them.

What happens when you get sued for a repossessed car?

If you disregard a summons to appear in court, the case will proceed without you and a default judgment could be entered against you for the balance of the debt. Judgments are dangerous. Once the lender gets a deficiency judgment, wages or bank accounts could be garnished, or liens could be placed on personal property.

If your vehicle fails its MOT before your old MOT certificate expires: You can drive your vehicle with a major fault if your old MOT is still valid, because you took your vehicle in for an MOT early. But your vehicle does have faults that may make it unroadworthy, and if stopped by the police you could be prosecuted.

Is it illegal to not service your car?

Unlike an MOT, servicing your car isn’t compulsory. In theory, you could own a car for ten years and never service it, only putting it through its MOT every year and dealing with any repairs due in order for it to pass.

Can I sue for wrongful repossession?

If a car or truck has been wrongfully repossessed, the borrower may have the right to sue the lender and repo agent, even if the borrower missed payments or defaulted in some way.

Can I fight repossession?

Repossessions can be removed from your credit report in some situations, especially if they are inaccurate or unfair. File a dispute: If you go through your credit reports and see anything reported inaccurately about your repossession, you can dispute it with the credit bureaus.

How does legal protection work on car insurance?

In a nutshell, motor legal protection covers your legal expenses for any legal action you may take as the result of an accident. How much does legal expenses cover cost? Sometimes, motor legal protection is added to your car insurance policy as standard.

Can a car insurer take a legal case on your behalf?

There’s no guarantee that your insurer will take the case on your behalf, even with motor legal protection in place. There needs to be a fair chance of success in order for them to pursue the third party. If they expect a legal case to not go in their favour, they may refuse.

How much does motor legal protection insurance cost?

Sometimes, motor legal protection is added to your car insurance policy as standard. This is the exception rather than the rule, however – usually, it’s an add-on that costs around £25-£30. READ MORE: Car insurance extras – which ones do you actually need? What does motor legal protection cover?

Which is an example of motor legal protection?

What does motor legal protection cover? Motor legal protection covers your legal fees, so you can pay for a solicitor to go after a third party on your behalf. This is usually to recoup out of pocked expenses that a standard insurance policy may not pay out for. These are also known as uninsured losses. Some examples of uninsured losses are: