Can a statutory declaration be typed?

Can a statutory declaration be typed?

Make your statement Section 2 of a statutory declaration is where you write your statement. You can type your statement, or use a pen. You should not use a pencil because information could be erased.

Can a JP take a statutory declaration?

Answer – Yes. The JP can ask the client to take a Statutory Declaration stating the copy is an exact copy of the original.

Why is a statutory declaration required?

Statutory declarations are commonly used to allow a person to declare something to be true for the purposes of satisfying some legal requirement or regulation when no other evidence is available. They are thus similar to affidavits, which, however, are made on oath.

How do you start a declaration letter?

Step 1 Include your name, address, phone number, etc.

  1. Step 2 Include a self-declaration statement. In your letter include the name of your company, if self-employed, or the company you worked for.
  2. Step 3 Include specific dates of employment.
  3. Step 4 Include a detailed list of tasks performed during this period of time.

Can a family member witness a deed?

[4] Whilst there is no statutory requirement for a witness to be “independent” (i.e. unconnected to the parties or subject matter of the deed), given that a witness may be called upon to give unbiased evidence about the signing, it is considered best practice for a witness to be independent and, ideally, not a spouse.

Who else can sign instead of a JP?

An accountant (member of a recognised professional accounting body or a Registered Tax Agent). A person listed on the roll of the Supreme Court of a State or Territory or the High Court of Australia as a legal practitioner. A barrister, solicitor or patent attorney.

Can I witness a statutory declaration for a family member?

Your approved witness can be a: family member. friend. person related to the content in your statement.

Who is the person making a statutory declaration?

The person making a statutory declaration is called the “declarant”. a statement that you “do solemnly and sincerely declare”. Once you have included these ‘formal’ parts, you should then write the facts that you want to declare are true. You should:

Where can I get a statutory declaration form for NSW?

You can get blank Statutory Declaration Forms for NSW matters on the Department of Justice website. If you are making the declaration for a Commonwealth matter or Commonwealth Government department, Commonwealth statutory declaration forms are available at the Commonwealth Attorney General’s website.

Is it an offence to lie in a statutory declaration?

to prove a person wasn’t driving a car at a particular time. It is an offence to lie in a statutory declaration. How to write a statutory declaration How to write a statutory declaration The person making a statutory declaration is called the “declarant”. a statement that you “do solemnly and sincerely declare”.

How can I sign a statutory declaration electronically?

The signature can be made electronically, for example by signing a PDF version on a tablet, smartphone or laptop using a stylus or finger. You can also physically sign a hardcopy version of the document and then scan it. You can use fax, email or some other method of electronically transmitting the document.