Can I get legal fees back?

Can I get legal fees back?

You’re unlikely to recover your legal costs if the case settles before court proceedings are started. Usually, you can only expect to recover your legal costs if you have actually begun the court process. There are some exceptions to this but usually you will not recover legal costs if court proceedings aren’t issued.

Where can I file a claim to recover money owed?

If it is necessary for your company to issue court proceedings to recover money owed to it, then a claim can be issued in the County Court. This article outlines the procedure.

When are lost profits treated as general damages?

Lost profits are treated as consequential damages when, as a result of the breach of contract, the innocent party has a loss on other business arrangements. But when the innocent party is seeking to recover money that the breaching party agreed to pay under the contract, any lost profits involved will be general damages.

Can a warrant of execution be used to recover money?

However if the defendant fails to pay the claimant can then seek a variety of court orders to recover the money. A Warrant of Execution is a common means of enforcement and results in court bailiffs seizing the defendant’s goods and selling them to realise the amount owed.

How do I use the county court to recover money owed?

The County Court will send a copy of the Claim Form and Particulars of Claim to the defendant and the defendant then has a limited time (usually between 14 and 28 days) to decide whether to admit the claim (i.e. agree that the money claimed is owing) or else to send a document known as a Defence to the court.

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How are legal costs recoverable in the UK?

Then, in standard basis costs, the courts introduced the principle of ‘proportionality’, i.e. that only costs that are proportionate to the dispute should be recoverable by one party from another under a costs order. 9. What is proportionate is intended not to be limited to a comparison between the amount of the costs and the amount of the claim.

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