Can I get negative eBay feedback removed?

Can I get negative eBay feedback removed?

From either eBay’s “Feedback Forum” page or from your account’s “Feedback Profile,” click on “Request Feedback Revision.” Once there, select the instance of feedback you want removed or changed, add any note you’d like to include to the customer regarding why you are making the request and click “Send.” The customer …

Why does eBay remove negative feedback?

Because we don’t know when a buyer has actually paid, buyers are allowed to continue using eBay as they normally would, and that includes leaving Feedback. However, eBay will remove any neutral or negative Feedback left by the buyer in any of these cases: The buyer doesn’t respond to the unpaid item process.

Can you remove bad feedback?

THE SHORT ANSWER IS NO, BUT THERE’S MORE! Unfortunately, there is no current method to remove negative reviews from Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, or the other major review platforms. This does not mean, however, that there’s nothing you can do about them.

Can a buyer leave feedback after 60 days?

Your feedback comment can be left as long as the transaction remains on the eBay server. This is usually within 60 days of the end of the auction. After 60 days have passed, you must have the transaction number to leave feedback.

Why you shouldn’t delete bad reviews?

Why You Shouldn’t Remove Negative Reviews

  • It’s better to know and be aware of what’s being said about you.
  • Negative feedback gives you a chance to showcase your customer experience commitment.
  • Negative feedback gives you an opportunity to turn unhappy customers into loyal ones.

Why you shouldn’t delete comments?

Deleting comments can seem sneaky. This type of heavy-handed moderation is likely to reflect poorly on your organization and your handling of a particular crisis. Instead, remember that your organization, your followers, the media, and anyone else watching are all part of a conversation.

Does eBay ever remove or change feedback?

Once you’ve left feedback, you won’t be able to edit or delete it. If you’d like to add extra information to your original feedback, you can leave a follow-up comment. If you’d like to change the negative or neutral feedback you’ve left, you can ask the seller for a feedback revision.

Does Ebay negative feedback go away after a year?

Ebay erases feedback every 12 months.

Should I delete negative comments?

Deleting comments Never, ever delete negative comments. It’s unlikely to make the person go away, and it may just incentivize them to post more. Negative social media contact isn’t something you can erase. Some guides recommend asking posters to remove their comments after you’ve solved the situation.

Should I delete comments?

The Comment is Offensive to Others: Leaving it up, even if you don’t agree, can reflect poorly on your business. If the commenter is making a valid point, be sure to send him or her a private message addressing the concerns and explaining why the comment was deleted. If the comment is irrelevant, simply remove it.