Can I request a specific phone number from ATT?

Can I request a specific phone number from ATT?

You can request a phone number change if your company preferences allow you to change the number. To check on specific phone number availability and request a new phone number or phone number change, contact AT Business Customer Service at 800-331-0500.

How do I get a phone number removed from AT?

Start an online transfer request

  1. Go to
  2. Select Transfer of Billing Responsibility.
  3. If you use your ID to manage more than one account, select the wireless account you want to transfer.
  4. Choose the numbers you want to transfer (make sure each phone can get texts).
  5. Enter the requested info and select Continue.

Can you change your area code AT?

You can change a wireless number for users: When they want a different area code associated with their number for greater accessibility or convenience, or to appear on caller ID. • When transferring a wireless number from another provider to AT for service.

What happens when you change your phone number?

Every phone carrier has their own rules for changing your phone number. However, if you have an Android phone running Gingerbread (2.3) OS or earlier, changing your number will reset your device and wipe your apps, messages, photos, and any accounts or custom settings.

Is there a way to request a specific phone number?

In most cases it is not possible to pick your own cell phone number from scratch. However, many cell-phone providers, like Verizon Wireless and AT Wireless, allow customers to choose a cell-phone number from a list if they want.

How do I switch from AT to straight talk and keep my number?

Activate Your SIM Over the Phone or Online Activate your SIM by calling 1-855-222-2355 or online at If you want to keep the same number you had with AT and are doing the activation online, make sure to select “Activate my Straight Talk Service with a number from another company”.

Can you take someone off your phone plan?

You don’t. Go get a phone plan elsewhere and tell them you want your old number. They will contact the person in charge of the old plan and remove it to your new plan. Or just tell the person you no longer want to be on their plan and they can cancel it.

How much does it cost to change your number AT?

There’s a $36 change fee. You can request the change online in myAT, at an AT store, or by contacting us.

How do I get my number changed?

  1. On your Android device, open Settings Google.
  2. At the top, tap Personal info.
  3. In the “Contact info” section, tap Phone.
  4. Select the phone number that you want to make changes to.
  5. Next to your number, select Delete.
  6. At the top left, tap Back .
  7. At the top, tap Security.

How do you know if a person changed their number?

if someone changes their number, when you try to phone them on the old number, you’ll get some message saying the number is not in service or something. if a phone is just switched off, you’ll still get voice mail, or maybe a message that says it’s unavailable at the moment.

How much does it cost to change phone number AT?

How do I get my old phone number back?

Speak to the phone company. If the number hasn’t been reallocated, you can request it; they may charge for this. If the number has been reused and given to another subscriber, then you’ve lost it, unless you could persuade the other party to give it up. Call your carrier and ask if it’s available.

How do I choose a good phone number?

The caller is far less likely to misdial the number because the digits are right there in front of them, and they can be just as memorable as words. Generally, you want to look for a number with as many repeating digits as possible or patterns, especially alternating patterns. Pick a good number.

Can you take your phone number to another carrier?

If you’re switching service providers and remaining in the same geographic area, you can keep your existing phone number. This process – often referred to as phone number porting – can be done between wireline, IP and wireless providers.