Can I return my cable box to a Verizon store?

Can I return my cable box to a Verizon store?

Although Verizon permits all customers to return their equipment using the provided return kit, certain FiOS TV stores accept customer returns of their set top boxes and other items. The vast majority of Verizon customers are required to return their hardware within the stated 30-day window.

Can you return Verizon equipment to any store?

Post-cancellation, you must return all Verizon equipment within the next 30 days, packed in their original boxes. After attaching a shipping label to the box, you can either directly ship the box to Verizon or return it via designated Verizon stores near you.

Where can you return Verizon FiOS equipment?

You can return Verizon FiOS equipment by taking them to the nearest Verizon store. You can also ship them to the company directly.

Will Verizon remove old equipment?

It’s Verizon’s equipment, most likely installed under a form of utility easement. If you truly need it removed, contact Verizon. It may take a while due to COVID-19 restrictions preventing techs from entering homes. In short, just leave it be.

How do I get a new Verizon cable box?

If you are an active Verizon Fios TV – Private subscriber, you may upgrade your Set Top Box (STB) to a DVR by calling Verizon at 1.800. VERIZON (1.800. 837.4966).

Do I need to return the ONT box Verizon?

You are not responsible to return the ONT or power supply. Leave those in place for the next people. You have to return the router (if it is rented not owned) and any TV set top boxes.

Can I buy my own cable box for Verizon FiOS?

Re: Can I buy a STB for Verizon FiOS? Like it or not, you have to rent a STB for almost every cable provider. The only thing you can buy is a Tivo but that also requires a monthly fee or a lifetime subscription.

Do I have to return my Verizon modem?

Equipment returns To avoid being billed an unreturned equipment charge, please return all your Verizon Fios equipment within 30 days of the day your service is disconnected.

Does FiOS require a box for each TV?

1 – You should not need any box to recieve the channels on the Local package (they are currently all unencrypted). If they insist that you have to have an adapter you can let them ship it to you and then return it.

Do I need a box for every TV with Verizon FiOS?

Re: USING FIOS WITHOUT STB Yes. As long as the TV has a QAM tuner which most newer HDTVs do. Take the cable from the FiOS box and plug it into the coaxial input on the back of the TV. Next you will have to do a channel scan using the TV provided remote.

Can you run two TVs off one box?

Normally, TVs require individual cable reception boxes. However, if you have a TV in two different rooms in your home, it’s possible to connect them to the same box using cable splitters. You can either use a wireless cable transmitter or coaxial cable splitters to link the TVs in your home to one cable box.