Can I work for US company from China?

Can I work for US company from China?

Yes, essentially you are employing them as a contractor rather than a worker. You can pay them an hourly rate or a fee for the work completed. There are some legal issues around this, but you are not employing them under your local labour laws or the foreign countries labour laws, so ultimately it is not an issue.

Can US companies hire remote foreign workers?

In Summary: The U.S. Labor Department, the IRS, the SBA, and U.S. Immigration lawyers all say it is legal for a U.S. company (or any U.S. employer) to hire foreigners living outside of the U.S. as remote or telecommute workers.

Can I as non US citizen work for my US employer remotely from my home country?

Yes, US company can hire a foreigner abroad as an Employee. Main things to keep in mind is immigration and HR Policy (salary). Immigration: Immigration Visa is needed only when the employee enters into USA. Based on your question, Employee is never entering USA.

Which permits American companies to hire foreign workers to work in the US?

Foreign labor certification programs
Foreign labor certification programs permit U.S. employers to hire foreign workers on a temporary or permanent basis to fill jobs essential to the U.S. economy.

Can I work remotely for an American company without a visa?

Is a visa necessary? Regardless of the reason for hiring, US employers can take advantage of remote working Canadians since they won’t require a work visa. A work visa is only necessary if the Canadian contractor wishes to physically reside south of the border for the job.

How do I pay a Chinese contractor?

9 ways to pay your suppliers in China: A risk, acceptance and cost comparison

  1. Wise.
  2. International wire transfer / Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)
  3. Escrow.
  4. Letters of Credit (LCs)
  5. Sourcing agencies.
  6. PayPal.
  7. Western Union.
  8. International credit or debit cards.

How can I hire a worker in China?

China does not allow companies to hire employees directly. Every new hire must go through an intermediary company. This began when China opened its markets in the 1990s. As many government businesses closed down to make way for private investment, workers lost their jobs.

Can I live abroad and work for a US company?

In short, yes as of 2020, your US company paying you to your US bank account is foreign earned income if you work from a foreign residence. The source is where you are working from. Your income and residence have to qualify as foreign.

Can I work for a foreign company in the US?

Employees working for a foreign government or an international organization in the U.S. are subject to some special tax rules. U.S. citizens working in the U.S. must pay self-employment tax because the foreign government or organization is not liable for the employer’s portion of the contribution to the U.S. system.

How do I avoid transaction fees on Alibaba?

Simply pay on Alibaba just like you would with any ordinary debit or credit card. The site may still charge a fee, but you’ll avoid foreign transaction fees from your bank. You’ll only pay a tiny fee to convert the currency (at the mid-market rate), or no fee at all if you already have the currency in your account.