Can my employer take money from my wages without my permission?

Can my employer take money from my wages without my permission?

Your employer is not allowed to make a deduction from your pay or wages unless: it is required or allowed by law, for example National Insurance, income tax or student loan repayments. you agree in writing to a deduction. your contract of employment says they can.

Can an employer deduct wages for Unauthorised absence?

There is no obligation on employers to pay employees their normal pay for periods of unauthorised absence. Deductions from pay should be made only where it is clear that the employee does not have an acceptable reason for the absence.

Which of this deduction under section 7 of payment of wages act is not authorized?

Section 7 of the Payment of Wages Act, 1936, outlines the deductions from wages permitted under the Act. An employer cannot make deductions of any kind except those specified under the Act.

What were the rules regarding payment of wages?

The employer or the person responsible for making the payment of wages must pay in currency coins or currency notes or in both. Further, he cannot pay in kind. Also, the employer can pay the wages via a cheque or a direct deposit to the bank account of the employee after taking a written authorization from him.

What is the maximum wages period for the payment of wages?

No wage-period shall exceed one month. That means wage can be paid on daily, weekly, fortnightly (for every 15 days) and monthly only. Wage period for payment of wages to employees by employer should not exceed 30days i.e. one month according to this act.

What is the minimum wage period for the payment of wages?

Payment should be made before the 7th day of a month where the number of workers is less than 1000 and 10th day otherwise. The wage-period shall not exceed 1 month. The Act is applicable only to employees drawing wages not exceeding Rs. 6500 a month.

Who is eligible for payment of wages act?

1) To who does this act applies? The act applies to every person employed in any factory, upon any railway or through sub-contractor in a railway and a person employed in an Industrial or other establishment.