Can you cancel LA Fitness personal training?

Can you cancel LA Fitness personal training?

Like any commercial gym, to cancel a personal training contract at LA Fitness you must speak to the personal training manager at your club and request that it be cancelled. It is done on the spot and doesn’t take the manager more than a minute to do.

Can you get a refund from LA Fitness?

If you cancel your membership before the billing cycle ends, you can use LA Fitness until the new cycle, but you can’t ask for a refund. The only exception to the no-refund policy is if the company receives your LA Fitness Cancelation Form less than five days before your last paid month ends.

Can you freeze LA Fitness personal training?

There are options available to you other than cancelling your fitness membership. If you are relocating, we have many clubs in many states to choose from-click on the Locations tab to see if there is one near you. Another option is to suspend (“freeze”) your membership for a fee of $10 per month.

How does Equinox waitlist work?

The waitlist will close 35 minutes before class. A club visit will be booked for you only if you get off the waitlist. Members who accrue three (3) Late Cancels and/or No Shows within 30 days may not make online reservations for a period of one (1) week. Have a blast in class!

How much do Tier 3 Equinox trainers make?

Equinox Salary FAQs The average salary for a Personal Trainer Tier 3+ is $51 per hour in United States, which is 17% higher than the average Equinox salary of $43 per hour for this job.

What is the age limit for Equinox?

The Sites are intended for use by adults, and you may use the Sites only if you are at least eighteen (18) years of age or, consistent with our membership policies, have parental consent if you are sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) years old.

How old do you have to be to workout at Equinox?

Equinox: Age 14 accompanied by an adult member. Anytime Fitness: Age 13 accompanied by an adult member.