Can you do ROTC in college and not join the military?

Can you do ROTC in college and not join the military?

A. No. Students who enroll in ROTC don’t join the Army. They take an ROTC class for which they receive credit.

Does the ROTC program pay for college?

The goal of these college-level programs is to train future officers to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. To students who qualify, the ROTC programs offer scholarships that cover the cost of their education.

Is there an age limit for college ROTC?

Be a U.S. citizen. Be between the ages of 17 and under 34 years of age in the calendar year in which you are to be commissioned. Waivers are required for applicants between 34-39 years old at the time of the projected commissioning date (past 39 years old is non-waiverable).

How many years is ROTC required?

The four-year Army ROTC program is divided into two parts: the Basic Course and the Advanced Course. The Basic Course is generally taken during the first two years of college and incurs no military obligation unless you receive National Guard or scholarship funds.

Is Air Force ROTC hard to get into?

Air Force ROTC Probably the second “easiest” scholarship to win. For the academic year 2018-2019, more than 5,000 high school senior applications for the scholarship were reviewed. About 2,300 applicants were awarded a scholarship.

Do you get paid in Air Force ROTC?

Stipends. All cadets receive a monthly stipend to assist with living expenses once they contract with the Air Force, which occurs at the start of their junior year or when they activate a scholarship. Stipends are $300-500 a month depending on the cadet’s year in the AFROTC program.

What is Type 7 ROTC scholarship?

Type 7 Scholarship: This covers tuition equivalent to a public college or university’s in-state tuition rate and a book allowance for four years. This scholarship can be converted to a three-year Type 2 scholarship at qualifying colleges and universities beginning in the fall of the student’s sophomore year.