Can you drink on your P2?

Can you drink on your P2?

Did you know that New South Wales has three blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits? Zero, under 0.02 and under 0.05. However, as a learner driver or provisional (P1, P2) driver, your BAC limit must be zero which means that you cannot consume alcohol then drive a vehicle. It’s as simple as that.

Can I drink on green PS?

In addition to complying with the NSW Road Rules, you must: Display P plates (green P on a white background) clearly on the outside of the front and back of the vehicle. Not have any alcohol in your system when you drive a vehicle. It’s also illegal to drive under the influence of drugs.

What does P2 mean driving?

There are four licence stages. Learner’s licence. Provisional licence stage 1 (P1) Provisional licence stage 2 (P2)

Can you drink on green P plates WA?

Blood Alcohol Content for Provisional Licence Holders in WA Drink driving penalties for “P” platers exceeding 0.00 (BAC) are an immediate disqualification and massive fines. Think responsibly, consider the consequences. Feel free to contact Driving School WA if you have any questions. We are more than happy to assist.

Will I be under the limit?

NSW has three blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits: zero, under 0.02 and under 0.05. The limit that applies to you depends on the category of your licence and the type of vehicle you are driving. A BAC of 0.05 means you have 0.05 grams (50 milligrams) of alcohol in every 100 millilitres of blood.

How fast can you go on green PS?

Not exceed zero blood alcohol concentration (in effect, this means you cannot drink before driving) Observe a maximum speed limit of 100 km/h. Not accumulate more than seven demerit points. Not supervise a learner driver.

Can Green P platers drive after midnight WA?

Provisional driver’s licence holders are not permitted to drive between midnight and 5am for the first six months that they hold a driver’s licence (or periods amounting to an aggregate of six months) unless the driving is for education or employment and a 0.0 BAC applies.

How long are you on your red PS?

18 months
Your P1 licence is issued for 18 months. After 12 months you can progress to your P2 licence. See Getting your P2 licence.