Can you own a pitbull in the UK?

Can you own a pitbull in the UK?

The breeds of dog currently illegal in the UK are the Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and the Fila Brasileiro. But crossbreeds including any of those types of dog may also be subject to the law, depending on their size and characteristics.

What type of pitbull is legal in UK?

Staffordshire Bull Terriers look similar to Pit Bulls, but they’re legal and common pets. There is a loophole though. If you can prove a dog’s safe, despite it being a banned breed, then you can get a certificate of exemption. This means you can keep it, but you have to get special insurance.

Why are pitbulls banned UK?

In 1991, the UK government decided to ban pit bulls in response to a slew of incidents involving vicious, often unprovoked attacks, by this particular breed of dog, on humans. Three other dog breeds that were outlawed in this Act: the Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, and Fila Brasileiro.

What countries banned pit bulls?

Pit Bulls are banned in 12 countries around the world: New Zealand, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, France, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Norway, and the U. S. territory of Puerto Rico. The lack of U. S. government’s concern regarding the danger of pit bull breeds is disheartening and disturbing.

What states don’t allow pit bulls?

In the United States, there is only one state with a full ban on pit bulls and that is Hawaii. There are also many other cities with pit bull bans such as Miami and Denver.

Which states are Pitbulls banned?

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  • What states are Pitbulls legal?

    Appellate courts in fourteen U.S. states, as well as the District of Columbia, have upheld the constitutionality of breed-specific pit bull laws. Learn more in constitutionality. Arkansas. California. Colorado. District of Columbia. Florida. Iowa.

    Why pit bulls should be banned?

    Top Ten Reasons Pit Bulls Should Be Banned 1. They’re ferocious. 2. They’re bad with kids. 3. They can’t be around other animals without attacking them. 4. They’re dangerous around elderly people who can’t control them. 5. They can’t be trained to do anything but fight. 6. They’re just downright mean dogs.