Can you pay rent with multiple money orders?

Can you pay rent with multiple money orders?

Yes, you should be able to pay the difference with a second money order. Ask your landlord for a signed and dated receipt showing that you paid the full amount of rent due.

Can you pay with two money orders?

Most money orders typically have a $1,000 limit, so you may need to purchase multiple money orders to make payments for bigger amounts. Money orders include a receipt, which the purchaser needs to keep until the order is cashed.

Can you pay rent with a money order?

You are also able to pay your rent by a bank cheque or money order, however this is inconvenient for you as you would have to deliver this to our offices each payment schedule. You cannot pay your rent with: Cash. Credit card.

Is a money order safer than a personal check?

Money orders are also a safer form of payment relative to personal checks. In addition to buying them at a bank, you can get them from the U.S. Postal Service, convenience stores, drug stores, grocery stores and check-cashing companies. You generally can’t use a credit card or write a personal check.

How long does it take to clear a money order?

Money orders generally clear almost immediately, and if you (or the person you send a money order to) are redeeming it for cash, you should receive the funds right away. However, some banks may take as long as 24 hours to deposit a money order into your account, especially if you deposit it later in the day.

What is the fee for a money order?

Money Order Fees

Dollar Amount Fee
$0.01 to $500.00 $1.30
$500.01 to $1,000.00 $1.75
Postal Military Money Orders (issued by military facilities) $0.45

Can money orders be refunded?

If the money order has been cashed, the issuer will not replace it or refund the purchase amount. But if the money order goes missing, you have a good chance of getting your money back—minus a fee and a few weeks’ delay—as long as it hasn’t been cashed.

Can you buy a money order with a debit card at 7-Eleven?

To buy a money order at 7-Eleven, simply go to the cashier and ask for it. Government-issued identification is required, and you must purchase them in cash because 7-Eleven does not accept debit cards or credit cards for money orders. People like to buy money orders from 7-Eleven because it is convenient.