Can you relocate a wood burning stove?

Can you relocate a wood burning stove?

Moving a wood-burning stove by yourself is a difficult job since the object can be extremely heavy and bulky. The weight itself will differ according to the manufacturer or the model, but the general mass can start at around 300 pounds and can go up to 800 pounds, or even higher.

Are antique wood stoves worth anything?

Old stoves can be worth a great deal of money, especially in uncertain times. It’s common to see antique stoves selling for several hundred dollars. However, condition is a major factor.

How do you move a heavy wood burning stove?

Wrap the wood burner in thick moving blankets and fix the protective covers in place using some packing tape. Step 10. Load carefully the stove onto the moving dolly using all the manpower you’ve got. Use the rope as moving straps and secure well the heavy item to the wheeled assistant.

How do you remove an old wood burning stove?

Take the wood stove and metal pipe to a metal recycling firm. If you are unable to haul the stove away yourself, contact one of the many people who advertise on the Internet free-listing services who will come and pick it up for you without charge. They earn their money from the scrap metal value of the appliance.

How do I identify my wood burning stove?

Most manufacturers now use Serial numbers or have some form of data plate on their appliances – usually hidden from front view. If you can’t identify your stove, the three more common places these data tags can be found are the sides, rear or undersides of the stoves.

How do I sell my vintage oven?

Locate websites that sell antique gas stoves. A few good places to start are, and Call the businesses and mention what type of stove you have and the year it was produced.

Is an old stove dangerous?

Old-style flexible aluminum or brass flex lines are DANGEROUS, becoming brittle with age. They can easily rupture with the slightest movement. If the stove has an old gas shut-off valve immediately behind it, it might be frozen open.

How much does it cost to remove a wood burning stove?

How much does it cost to remove a wood burning stove? The average cost to remove a wood burning stove can be between $500 – $1,000, which includes demolition labor, debris disposal, chimney capping, and patching the ceiling, walls, and roof.

How do I get my wood stove upstairs?

Use Fans. Using fans to move the heat around will allow you to heat the entire upstairs, or place fans that move the wood stove heat to only one room. A fan mounted high in a doorway or on the wall in the same room as the stove will blow hot air to where you need it to go.

Is it hard to remove a wood burning stove?

Wood stoves are typically manufactured from cast iron with steel hardware for connecting to a chimney pipe. When you remove a wood stove, get some friends to come over and help you with the heavy lifting. The actual disconnection of the stove takes only a few minutes using a screwdriver.

Where can I find the model of my stove?

You will find the model number on a sticker or rating plate. For cookers and ovens this can usually be found around the frame, behind the door of the appliance. For hobs this can usually be found on the underside, side or back of the appliance.

How do I know if I can burn coal in my stove?

Coal cannot be burnt inside a wood burning stove. Coal needs a source of air from below the fire to burn efficiently, and so there needs to be a grate at the bottom of the stove which wood burning stoves won’t have. Multi fuel stoves have a grate and so allow you to burn coal.

How Much Is a Magic Chef stove worth?

Stoves such as yours are often called “Art Deco porcelain stoves” and they are in great demand by people who want to restore their vintage kitchens to their former splendor. It is hard to find examples in near-mint condition, and the insurance replacement value of your Magic Chef is between $1,500 and $1,800.

How do I sell my gas oven?

How to Sell a Kitchen Stove

  1. Post an ad on Literally millions people go onto Craigslist every day looking for appliances such as stoves.
  2. Post an ad on Adpost is similar to Craigslist in that it is essentially a nationwide version of your local newspaper classifieds.
  3. Hold a yard sale.

Is it safe to use vintage appliances?

Safe Electricity warns people to never attempt to use a malfunctioning or previously discarded electric appliance, and to beware of old appliances sold in flea markets and garage sales. Such appliances may pose a fire or electrocution hazard, and may be no ‘bargain’ in the long run.

How much are antique stoves worth?

How Much Are Antique Cast Iron Stoves Worth? In general, the condition, size, design, and rarity will determine the value of the stove. Most are in the $100 to $500 range, though some can go for several thousands of dollars.