Can you sue for your inheritance?

Can you sue for your inheritance?

A few years ago, California recognized a new tort that allows plaintiffs to sue for intentionally interfering with an expected inheritance. If you have the right to challenge a Trust or will in probate court, then you automatically lose the right to bring an intentional inheritance lawsuit.

What happens to a settlement when a person dies?

If the person dies before the lawsuit is filed, then the personal representative files the lawsuit as the party. The claim becomes an asset of the deceased’s probate estate. The legal fees are paid by the probate estate, and the decision to settle or not settle a case is made by the personal representative.

How long has one of my brothers lived in the House?

One of my brothers has lived in the property for around 25 years. We all had a verbal agreement with my mother that he could live there as long as he needed to. We understand that one of my other brothers is now seeking to sell the house. Can he sell his share or borrow against it, and can he force the sale of the property?

What do I owe my brothers for the House?

Mom Left Me the House. What Do I Owe My Brothers? Credit… I am in my early 60s and have two older brothers. Three years ago, my mother died suddenly, and I inherited her home and all its contents. The day after she died, one of my brothers threatened to sue me for his share of the inheritance. I waited to breathe until probate was over.

Can a father force his brothers to sell the House?

But unless you and your other brothers would be happy and able to buy him out, it’s unlikely he would find a willing buyer. He can’t force you all to sell the property, but he can ask a court to order a sale.

When did my mother leave the property to my brothers?

Q When my mother passed away in 2012, she left her property to me and my three brothers – the deeds have been changed accordingly. One of my brothers has lived in the property for around 25 years.