Can you sue Home Depot?

Can you sue Home Depot?

Can you sue Home Depot? If you are a customer who has been injured a Home Depot, you can sue the company if they do not offer you a satisfactory settlement. If you are a Home Depot employee, you can sue the company for such things as sexual harassment.

Can you return unused lumber to Home Depot?

Short Answer. The Home Depot allows returns on unused lumber for 180 days, while Lowe’s has a 90-day lumber return policy. Both stores have extended return periods of one year if you paid with your store credit card.

Can I return something to Home Depot if I opened it?

If you still have the original packaging, receipt, and still within 90 days, you can return most opened or used items. With used items, it often comes down to the amount of “wear & tear” the product shows and is typically handled on a case-by-case basis.

Why is Home Depot Sued?

A recent lawsuit filed against home improvement retailer Home Depot claims that the company has committed wage and hour violations and failed to properly compensate countless employees by failing to factor incentive bonuses into overtime wage rates.

Does Home Depot have workers comp?

Home Depot is the largest Georgia-based company and employs more than 400,000 workers. But in addition to being a massive enterprise, Home Depot also has its fair share of workers’ compensation claims. You may be eligible for financial benefits, and a workers’ compensation lawyer can help you obtain them.

Does Home Depot paint have lead in it?

Lead paint was banned in the United States in 1978 but may still exist in homes built before then.

Is there lead in Home Depot paint?

Home Depot will also conduct thousands of on-site inspections of work performed by its contractors to ensure they comply with lead-safe work practices. Residential lead-based paint use was banned in 1978 but still remains in many older homes and apartments across the country.

Is Home Depot self insured?

Home Depot has a self-insured retention of $7.5 million, they say. Home Depot has $20 million of primary directors and officers liability coverage with Chubb Corp., with at least another $250 million of coverage elsewhere in the market, according to a market source.

Does Home Depot drug test for workers compensation?

Yes, they are required. Regardless of how the injury or incident occurred.

What do I do if I don’t like the paint color?

Here’s What to Do If You Hate Your Wall Color, but Don’t Want to Repaint

  1. Change your lightbulbs.
  2. Offset the color with complementary textiles.
  3. Conceal with wall decor.
  4. Wallpaper FTW.
  5. Expand upon your “off” color palette with decor.
  6. Bring in a favorite shade.
  7. Switch up your curtains.
  8. Add more of the same color.

Why was Home Depot fined 20 million dollars?

Home Depot has reached a settlement with two federal agencies, agreeing to pay a $20 million fine because its contractors failed to properly handle lead paint in customers’ homes. The fine is the largest proposed penalty in United States history under the Toxic Substances Control Act.

Is Microsoft self insured?

With a strong balance sheet and plenty of cash, Microsoft Corp. doesn’t see much need for commercial insurance.