Can you use SharePoint as an intranet?

Can you use SharePoint as an intranet?

SharePoint offers a variety of building blocks that you can use to create an intranet: Communication sites – Use communication sites to share news, reports, statuses, and other information through a variety of templates and web parts.

What is SharePoint intranet portal?

A SharePoint intranet as an on-premises solution is a corporate portal built on top of any version of SharePoint Server (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019). Organizations deploy it using their own infrastructure and take full responsibility for their intranet customization, management, and support.

How do I create an intranet portal in SharePoint?

Creating your SharePoint Online Intranet site. To create your new site, you’ll need to access the SharePoint admin center which can be accessed from the Microsoft 365 Admin Center at You’ll either need to be a Global Administrator or SharePoint Administrator.

What is the difference between intranet and SharePoint?

A SharePoint intranet is one idea of what an intranet can be, but it’s not everything. Basically, SharePoint is a platform to create collaborative workspaces. So if your intranet is not that collaborative or won’t have many documents, it might not be the right platform.

Is SharePoint still popular?

The world’s most popular collaboration and document management system, SharePoint is used by over 190 million people across the globe.

Which is an example of a SharePoint intranet?

Without further ado, let’s explore some awesome examples of a SharePoint intranet like Mesh 3.0 and out-of-the-box templates provided for free by Microsoft. 1. Home Page Here’s an example of a SharePoint intranet home page – the place where your employees land as soon as they login to the intranet.

Are there any free templates for SharePoint intranet?

With 4 different site templates, The New Employee Onboarding Hub streamlines your onboarding process both at a corporate and departmental level. These are the top SharePoint intranet examples and templates of SharePoint for free.

How to plan a new SharePoint intranet site?

As a first step to planning your new SharePoint intranet, we recommend taking an inventory of your existing sites and meeting with the owners of each to determine their business outcome goals for new sites. Take stock of where your content is located and how much content you would need to move when creating a new intranet site.

What is the purpose of an intranet portal?

Such portals are intended to solve the main goals of the company, their features are designed to fit specific kinds of tasks. For example, it can simplify the process of employee training or onboarding, so an Intranet can include training sessions, personal development plans, and collaboration areas for communication with tutors.