Do I have to notify DVLA when I sell my car?

Do I have to notify DVLA when I sell my car?

When you sell or transfer your vehicle you must notify the DVLA straight away using the V5C part of your registration document. Remember by law, it is the seller’s responsibility to tell the DVLA about the change of keeper. If you don’t do this you commit an offence and you will still be liable for the vehicle.

Can I change my mind after buying a car UK?

There is no cooling off period when you buy a used car from a dealer. This means you usually cannot change your mind after you buy a used car. It is better to inspect the car carefully before signing a contract instead of trying to cancel a contract after it is signed.

You must tell DVLA you’ve sold the vehicle and give them the full name and address of the buyer. If you do not do this, any vehicle tax refund you’re owed might be affected.

What happens if a car I sold privately goes wrong?

A reader asks if he’s liable for a fault his second-hand car developed just after he sold it to a private buyer… I recently sold my 2011 Volkswagen Golf to a private buyer. It broke down the same day and he had it towed to a garage. The mechanic said the catalytic converter had failed.

Is it good to sell your car privately?

A private car sale can often feel a little intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. While it can be a simple and mostly stress-free process, and usually net you a better price than a part-exchange, there are risks involved when selling privately.

How to finalize a private car sale in Australia?

There are no ironclad procedures in finalizing a private sale, but for a start assess whether the vendor lives at the address or is just using it as a temporary base. It is not unreasonable to ask for proof of ownership and to take down their license details.

Where can I Sell my Car in the UK?

You can also try Motorway to sell your car to a dealer for a better price than part exchange or selling direct. Motorway work with a network of 1,500 dealers UK-wide. If your car is eligible for their Premium Service, you can profile your vehicle, then let dealers compete for your car in an online auction.