Do you need a license to sell solar in California?

Do you need a license to sell solar in California?

It is illegal for Solar Providers and their Installers to conduct business without a license. Go to the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) website at or call 800-321-CSLB (2752) to see if the Solar Provider and Installer licenses are active and valid.

What is a solar energy broker?

What Is A Solar Broker? The solar broker is an independent agent who works on your behalf. They make it easier for you to navigate the solar purchasing process by finding installers based on your specific search criteria. We also help you get the best solar system, installed at the best price.

How do solar brokers get paid?

Q: How much are solar brokers paid? A: The winning bidder, (also known as the solar company sales person) shares a percentage of his/her sales commission with the solar broker. This is the sales commission they would normally pass on to you regardless of our being involved in your representation.

Can a general contractor install solar in California?

“B” – General Building contractors are authorized to install solar energy systems within the definition of B&P Code section 7057, since a solar energy system constitutes the use of two unrelated building trades or crafts.

What does a solar broker do?

What is a solar broker? It is a company or entity that gets paid to find contractors to complete a homeowner’s solar project. Their pitch tends to be that finding a solar contractor is complicated and difficult, and they will do all the work for you, the homeowner, for a price.

How much does a solar salesman make?

Solar sales representatives in the United States make an average salary of $67,480 per year or $32.44 per hour. In terms of salary range, an entry level solar sales representative salary is roughly $47,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $95,000.

Can a c10 install solar in California?

C-10 – Electrical contractors are authorized to perform any solar projects that generate, transmit, transform, or utilize electrical energy in any form for any purpose.

How do I become a solar contractor in California?

In order to obtain your solar contractors license, you are required to pass the Trade examination as well as the Law & Business exam. *Even though you can apply for a solar contractors license when you are 18 years old, it is recommended that you be at least 23 years old due to experience requirement.