Does HP give refunds?

Does HP give refunds?

To receive a complete refund, all items from the original purchase must be returned. Return refunds may be subject to a restocking fee of up to 15% of the purchase price, plus any applicable sales tax, unless the product is defective or the return is a result of an error.

How long does it take HP to refund money?

No products may be returned to HP without obtaining an RMA first. Credits for items that were returned will be applied to the method of payment used in the purchase. It may take 5 to 7 business days before refunds appear on your credit card statement.

How do I contact HP support Canada?

Receive 24/7 online support for your HP product at HP Customer Care or HP Support. Call 800-474-6836 for your HP product questions and 800-652-6672 for your Compaq product questions and an HP representative will explain your out-of-warranty service options.

How do I file a complaint against HP?

The toll free helpline number to register a complaint regarding HP Gas is 1800-2333-555. The 24-hour helpline number specifically dedicated to HP Gas complaints is 1906.

Do I need receipt for HP warranty?

HP warrants that the HP Hardware Products that you have purchased or leased from HP are free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the Limited Warranty Period. You may be required to provide proof of purchase or lease as a condition of receiving warranty service.

How do I contact Hewlett Packard customer service?

  1. 1-800-633-3600. Contract.
  2. 1-844-806-3425. Warranty.

How do I contact HP customer care?

Contact Us

  1. Consumer Customers.
  2. 1800 108 4747.
  3. Business Customers.
  4. 1800 108 4746.
  5. Mon-Fri 9am – 7pm.
  6. (excl. public holidays)

How do I send my laptop back to HP for repair?

How to Return a Laptop to HP for Repairs

  1. Contact HP customer service by calling them at 800-474-6836 if you are a home user and 800-334-5144 if you are a business customer.
  2. Discuss the problem you are having with the HP laptop with the tech support agent that assists you.

Can I get a new laptop with HP warranty?

HP offers a fairly common one-year warranty on its products. PCs, Laptops, Chromebooks and Tablets: 1-year standard global limited warranty. Standard Warranty Coverage. With the standard one-year limited warranty, you will be covered for repair or replacement of parts deemed defective.

How do I claim my HP printer warranty?

How To File an HP Warranty Claim Over the Phone. You can request a service for your malfunctioning HP device by calling the HP warranty phone number—1-800-474-6836. When you reach a customer service representative, explain your issue and ask for repair. Before you call HP, check your device’s serial number.

How long is HP printer warranty?

a one-year
HP provides a one-year “Manufacturer Replacement” warranty for all deskjet and inkjet printers. There is NO ON-SITE warranty for HP deskjet and inkjet printers, and they should be considered “self-service”. Self- service means that each site tech will call HP support to handle all troubleshooting/replacement issues.

How do I claim my HP warranty?

How To Submit an HP Warranty Claim Online

  1. Open HP’s Contact Page.
  2. Tap Go under Contact Support.
  3. Select the Virtual Agent option.
  4. Choose Warranty or Repairs.
  5. Select the topic you need help with.
  6. Provide the details about your issue and select the warranty service option.