Does Suddenlink have a money back guarantee?

Does Suddenlink have a money back guarantee?

30-Day Money Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the service(s) ordered, you must contact us within 30 days of the first day of service to receive full refund.

What is the cancellation fee for Suddenlink?

Does Suddenlink charge an Early Termination Fee? Yes. If you cancel, terminate or downgrade the service before the end of the agreed term, you’ll be charged an early cancellation fee of up to $200, plus all outstanding charges for services or equipment.

What happens if you don’t pay Suddenlink?

If you cannot pay the bill within the grace period, you will be issued the delinquency notice. The delinquency notice will come with the final due date, and if the bill is not paid by then, Suddenlink will not only shut off your services, but they will take back the equipment.

How can I lower my Suddenlink cable bill?

Talk to Customer Service If you are struggling to pay your Suddenlink bill, try calling customer service. They may be able to reduce your monthly rate over the phone. If you pay for services you don’t use, they may remove the charges to lower your bill.

Why is Suddenlink so high?

So, if you are a new customer and the bill is higher than expected, there are chances that installation fees have been added to the bills. For every Suddenlink user who wants to ensure promised bills and expected bills, the drill is to repackage your internet package after every 365 days.

What is the cheapest way to get cable?

Top 10- ways to get cheaper cable TV service

  • Ask for a basic cable package.
  • Cancel premium channels after the “free trial period”
  • Buy your own modem.
  • Rethink DVR.
  • Refer friends and save money!
  • Change channel packages.
  • Just Ask for a lower rate.
  • Ask for an extension of your promotional pricing.

    How can I get inexpensive internet?

    Cable providers such as Cox, Mediacom and Xfinity typically offer the cheapest internet plans, but fiber optic providers including AT, Frontier and Verizon are also great choices for low-cost, high-speed plans. These providers, as well as many others, offer broadband internet plans starting at less than $50/mo.