Does Telstra own White Pages?

Does Telstra own White Pages?

White Pages Australia is part of the Sensis brand, owned in part by Telstra and in part by Platinum Equity. As a part of Telstra’s carrier licence conditions, the White Pages is required to produce an annual alphabetical public number directory.

Does White Pages have cell phone numbers?

Our search function does not allow you to look up mobile numbers on the White Pages. However, you can search for an individual to find their mobile number if it has been published under their residential listing.

Are phonebooks free?

Most landline subscribers are entitled to a free print directory, but if you just moved or aren’t getting your copy, there are ways you can order a phone book for your home or office. Once you provide your information and request your phone book, you should automatically receive a new version every year.

Who are the providers of the Telstra network?

Here’s a list of 10 providers that use the Telstra network: ALDI Mobile. Belong. Boost Mobile. Lycamobile. MATE. numobile. Pennytel. Tangerine Telecom. TeleChoice. Woolworths Mobile.

Do you need a Telstra phone to use the upfront plan?

Compatible Handset: Compatible Telstra Mobile Network handset required. More info at International Calling Pack: 30mins of International calls and unlimited international SMS, to all countries, are included in our upfront mobile plans.

Which is the cheapest mobile plan on the Telstra network?

This really depends on how much data you want, but Lycamobile has the single cheapest plan on the market at just $10. Whether you’re after a prepaid or postpaid mobile plan, there are plenty of providers that operate on the Telstra network to choose from. Here’s a list of providers that use the Telstra network:

Who is eligible for Telstra value mobile plan?

New and existing Telstra customers with a valid Health Care Card may be eligible for a $30/month Value Mobile Offer. Why choose us? We’ve built Australia’s first and largest 5G network and it’s rapidly growing. 5G is now rolling out in selected areas on selected plans.