Does USPS charge for fragile?

Does USPS charge for fragile?

Special Handling-Fragile Service can only be purchased at a Post Office™. The fee, which can be found in the Price List, is in addition to postage.

What does USPS do with fragile packages?

The spokesperson said that policy applies to all packages, whether labeled fragile or not. U.S.P.S statement instructed packages to be marked ‘fragile’ if they can break. The postal service also offers preferential handling for fragile items for an added fee, but that does not insure the item against damage.

Can you ship fragile items USPS?

USPS offers a Special Handling-Fragile service. There is an extra fee for each Special Handling-Fragile package (currently $11.15), in addition to postage. You must go in person to the post office to purchase this.

Does USPS have fragile labels?

Label 875, Special Handling — Fragile, is a domestic extra service offered to our customers for a fee to enhance their shipping options. Business mailers can order the Caution Heavy label on The Postal Store ® website at

How much extra is fragile shipping USPS?

Fragile Stickers cost an additional $10.45 shipping costs through USPS.

How much is fragile shipping?

Special handling with the US Postal Service costs $11.15 per package. You can either pay for this service at the Post Office, or you can order special handling stickers from the USPS online store for free.

Is UPS or USPS better for fragile items?

While USPS and FedEx leave it up to you to properly pack your fragile items, UPS specifically offers fragile packing services. For shipping out items of higher value, UPS is the best choice.

Does a fragile sticker do anything?

The answer to this question is no. Adding a fragile label or writing fragile on your package in most cases does not cause your package to be handled with special care. The reasons are the fragile message is over used and the message is just not noticed by handlers.

How do I ship a fragile package?

Here are some best practices on how to ship fragile items the right way:

  1. Choose a box that’s only slightly larger than the item.
  2. Wrap the item in cushioning material.
  3. If necessary, encase the item in foam.
  4. Use air pillows or packing peanuts.
  5. Add a “fragile” label to the box.
  6. Affix a tilt or impact detector.

How do I ship fragile UPS?

Each item should be wrapped separately and surrounded in several layers to ensure adequate protection. UPS recommends each item should be surrounded by at least two inches of sheeting and placed two inches away from the box walls. Alternative options include kraft paper or loose fill.

Which shipping company is best for fragile items?

Best Couriers to Ship Fragile Items

  • Shipping with FedEx.
  • Shipping with USPS.
  • Shipping with UPS.
  • Use a properly-sized box.
  • Use padding.
  • Restrict product movement.
  • Pack fragile items individually.
  • Don’t forget to place a fragile shipping label.

Should I put fragile on my package?

Use foamed plastic or padding to protect your items, placing the cushioning inside hollow items as well. Mark the package “Fragile” or mark “Perishable” on packages that contain food or other items that can spoil. Careful packaging is the best way to safeguard your valuable items against damage.

What is the best way to ship a fragile item?

The original box with packaging is the best way to ship fragile items, after all, the manufacturer designed the packaging to protect the item. Check to see that the packaging is put into the box and around the item exactly as originally done. This can sometimes be tricky, especially on some of the Lladro pieces.

Can I write fragile on USPS package?

You can write fragile on a package, but if you don’t have it packed properly, it’s going to get broken no matter what you’ve written on the box. Both carriers have packaging requirements for fragile packages listed on their website.

What should I do if the USPS lost a package?

and delayed package. The customer service representative will record your concern.

  • you can file a refund. But the refund is not provided for every mail class.
  • File a Claim: What to do if the package is stolen?
  • How to mail fragile items?

    Steps Communicate with the moving company or whoever will be handling your items. Choose packaging materials that can keep fragile items safe from bumps, shocks or variations of any kind. Pad the sides and bottom of a box before placing anything into it. Wrap fragile items in paper or bubble wrap. Pack some items, like cups or mugs, in a cell pack.