How can I get free legal advice in Perth?

How can I get free legal advice in Perth?

Call 1800 019 900 or visit any ALSWA office. The service has a head office in Perth, and regional offices across WA.

What does conflicted out mean?

By “conflicting out” certain attorneys, your husband can make it difficult for you to hire the lawyer that’s best for you. The entire goal with this tactic is to “conflict out” attorneys so they cannot be hired by you.

Is there a Citizens Advice Bureau in Australia?

Australia. There are citizens advice bureaus in a number of places in Australia. In the state of Victoria they are now generally referred to as “community information and support services” rather than “Citizens Advice”. Their umbrella and peak body is Community Information & Support Victoria (CISVic).

What Can Citizens Advice Bureau help with?

Citizens Advice service’s work involves providing advice on issues such as debt management and welfare benefits, housing, immigration and asylum, employment, consumer complaints and landlord-tenant disputes. Citizens Advice calculated that in 2016 it helped 2.7 million people with 6.3 million problems.

Do Citizens Advice ever answer the phone?

No one answers the phone, ever They do not give you a waiting time.

Do Citizens Advice staff get paid?

The average Citizens Advice salary ranges from approximately £27,046 per year for an Advisor to £55,959 per year for a Manager. The highest-paying job at Citizens Advice is a a Manager with a salary of £55,959 per year.

Where can I get advice about benefits?

How to find a benefits adviser

  • Citizens Advice. Advice by phone, email and online chat.
  • Gingerbread. Online information and a helpline for single parents.
  • Age UK. Advice line 0800 678 1602.
  • Law Centres Network. Search for a local law centre. Many offer specialist benefit advice.

Is Citizens Advice a good employer?

As a charity that truly values its employees, we offer an excellent package of staff benefits. These range from flexible working arrangements and generous leave entitlements, to childcare vouchers and a pension scheme.