How can I get my money back from STA Travel?

How can I get my money back from STA Travel?

You can make a claim on the CAA website. If you booked a package not including a flight from STA Travel, ABTA has said you’ll be able to get your money back from it via the ABTA protection scheme. You can find out how to do this on the ABTA website.

Is STA Travel going bust?

STA Travel has become the latest travel firm to fall victim to the Covid-19 pandemic. The company, which grew out of a student travel business and specialised in trips for young people, including gap years and volunteer projects, has ceased trading.

Is STA Travel giving refunds?

They have not charged any customers cancellation fees or attempted to profit in any way. Instead they have offered customers 100% of the value of the booking as a credit note or have petitioned suppliers on behalf of customer to achieve a 100% refund.

When did STA Travel into administration?

The STA Travel group was privately owned by a Swiss family which put the holding company into administration on August 20.

What date did STA Travel go into liquidation?

21 August
2020 Insolvency On 20 August 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic that heavily affected the travel industry, STA Travel Holding AG, the Swiss parent company, filed for insolvency. STA Travel UK entered administration and ceased trading on 21 August. In the UK the administration affects 52 shops and around 500 jobs.

Are STA Travel Flights ATOL protected?

Most of the flights sold by STA Travel were not ATOL protected as they were sold under STA Travel’s IATA licence or STA Travel acted as agent for the airline operating the flight. Consumers that booked unprotected flights will have paid in full at the time of booking and received a ticket straightaway.

Who is the owner of STA Travel?

STA Travel is owned by a Swiss holding company called Diethelm Keller Holding (DKH).

Is STA Travel in administration?

2020 Insolvency STA Travel UK entered administration and ceased trading on 21 August. In the UK the administration affects 52 shops and around 500 jobs.

Who is the parent company of STA Travel?

Travel Holding AG group
Founded in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton in the 1970s, STA Travel once had 70 retail shops in Australia alone. It had more recently shrunk to 35 local stores and was acquired by the Swiss-based STA privately-held Travel Holding AG group to be part of a global business, with headquarters in Zurich and London.

Can you still contact STA Travel?

Non-flight packages – a holiday that doesn’t include a flight. If you booked through a travel agent and not directly with STA Travel Limited please speak to your travel agent first for advice. Customers requiring further assistance can contact 0330 135 9658 or [email protected]

Who is liquidating STA Travel?

At the watershed meeting of creditors held on 28 September 2020, the creditors voted to place the Company into liquidation with Colin Owens and David Webb being appointed as Liquidators.

What is Sta airport?

STA stands for Standard Time of Arrival (aviation)

How do I claim a refund from Atol?

Making a claim The refund process is quite straightforward; ATOL Protected consumers should complete an ATOL Claim Form and provide the documents they have been issued with as evidence that they had a contract with a failed ATOL holder, along with the evidence of payments made.

What happened to STA travels?

Formerly a major travel agency for youth and student trips, STA Travel filed for bankruptcy in August after a crippling flurry of pandemic-related cancellations; it was the first major travel agency to fall because of the pandemic.

Who is the CEO of STA Travel?

Ivan Walter will take over as CEO of STA Travel on April 1. Reinhard Kotzaurek, the incumbent CEO, will return to the Central Europe region to lead the business there as managing director.