How can I make my home safe for my aging parents?

How can I make my home safe for my aging parents?

Step 1: Low-cost safety tips

  1. Add textured, no-slip strips in the bathtub and shower.
  2. Apply nonslip wax on floors.
  3. Place a waterproof seat or chair in the shower.
  4. Put nonskid treads on steps.
  5. Remove throw rugs. •
  6. Replace standard doorknobs with lever handles.
  7. Replace toilet with a raised or high-profile toilet. •

How do you keep old people safe?

Here are 10 age-friendly home safety tips for seniors:

  1. Remove fall hazards. Falls are the leading cause of injury for seniors.
  2. Keep emergency numbers handy.
  3. Protect against fire.
  4. Ensure a safe bathroom.
  5. Assess the bedroom.
  6. Assess lighting.
  7. Visit the senior’s kitchen.
  8. Consider any stairs.

How do I prepare my home for aging?

10 ways to prepare your home for aging in place

  1. Entrances: Make them easy to get in and out of your house with groceries, a baby or a walker.
  2. Bathrooms: Design the bathroom for convenience and to help prevent falls.
  3. Kitchen: The kitchen is where people tend to invest most renovation dollars.

What is the most important aspect of aging in place?

Of the many benefits of aging in place, the most important is that living independently at home is a safe and healthy option for seniors. Packed with people of all different physical abilities, nursing homes can be overcrowded, limiting the amount of attention and care that the staff can provide at any one time.

Can you list two things to do to fall proof the home of an older adult?

Follow these home safety tips to reduce fall risk and keep the elderly safe in their own homes:

  • Remove trip hazards. Area rugs, electrical cords, low tables, and ottomans are all risks.
  • Install bathroom grab bars.
  • Provide easy seating.
  • Check thresholds.
  • Don’t forget outdoor spaces.