How do I contact Consumer Affairs NSW?

How do I contact Consumer Affairs NSW?

  1. Call 13 32 20 (8.30am to 5pm, Mon – Fri) From overseas, call +61 2 9895 0111 during the office hours above (GMT + 10 hours).
  2. Feedback about our services.
  3. Media enquiries.
  4. Special assistance.
  5. Counter services.
  6. Registry Services.
  7. Building Code Advisory Service.

What is RMS customer number?

Introduction. When you have a customer number with Transport for NSW (TfNSW), you’re able to access a range of registration and licensing services via Online Services. If you’d like to set up a customer number (usually the same as your NSW licence number), you can do so at a service centre.

Where can I find the RMS customer number?

Service NSW centre
You can get a Transport for NSW (RMS) customer number by visiting any Service NSW centre. You can find out more information from the Service NSW website.

What is a customer number?

Customer Number means the system-generated, or other distinguishing number, assigned by the Department to each person conducting business with the Department. The customer number of a private individual is generally the person’s driver license or non-operating identification license number.

How do I use a voucher in NSW?

Have the Service NSW app on your phone and register for your vouchers on the Service NSW website. All four of them will appear as a QR code on the app, ready for you to scan at your favourite business (as long as it’s registered to accept them).

Is Service NSW Open?

Our service centres remain open but have modified opening hours. Look up opening hours before going into a service centre. Some of the ways to do business with government have changed. Driver testing in the Greater Sydney Area has been cancelled until 28 August.

What time does NSW service open?

8am to 6pm Monday
Most Service NSW centres in Sydney normally operate from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, with Saturday trading from 8.30am to 3pm.

How to contact speech and Language Service NSW?

For translation and interpreter services, please call 13 14 50 and ask the interpreter to phone 13 77 88. For Speak and Listen (Speech to Speech Relay), please call 1300 555 727. If you can’t call 1300 numbers, please call + 61 2 8894 1555. To visit us in person use our service centre locator. You can make a complaint using the online form above.

How to contact us Services Australia from outside Australia?

To save you time, you can refer to recorded information about our payments and services on 132 468. If you need to contact us from outside Australia, call us on one of our International phone numbers. If you need help with myGov, call the relevant international number and ask to be transferred to the myGov help desk.

How to get in touch with Service NSW?

1 Online feedback. Including all the information requested will allow Service NSW to respond to your query more quickly and accurately. 2 Phone. Call us on 13 77 88 from Monday to Friday between 7:00am and 7:00pm (Sydney time). 3 In person. To visit us in person use our service centre locator. 4 Mail 5 Complaints. …

How to contact Revenue NSW speak and listen?

Speak and listen service call 1300 555 727 then ask for +612 7808 6900. SMS relay service on 0423 677 767 then type +612 7808 6900. Make an internet relay call then type +612 7808 6900. Couldn’t find what you were looking for? Complete our feedback form. Learn more about how we manage feedback. Calls are charged as follows.