How do I file a complaint against AAFES?

How do I file a complaint against AAFES?

To file a complaint, contact 1-800-527-6790 (option 6, then option 1) or [email protected] and you will be provided the required documents.

How do I stop an AAFES garnishment?

If you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you could eliminate your AAFES wage garnishment and the garnishment of your income tax refunds and set yourself up with a better financial position for the future.

Is AAFES a government property?

The Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) is a government agency within the Department of Defense that operates for-profit stores, restaurants, movie theaters, gas stations, and other businesses on military bases and in the field.

Can I get a military Star card with bad credit?

If you have thin credit or no credit history, apply for a MILITARY STAR card and set up auto-deductions, allotments, or other automatic payment options to keep your balance paid on time. But purchasing perishable goods on credit is a bad move–they will be used up and gone long before you pay your card balance off.

Is Military Star Card A federal debt?

The creditors on these cards are agencies of the U.S. Department of Defense. Under the Treasury Offset Program, your tax refund can be offset against federal debts. Debts that are incurred on a Military Star Card are subject to discharge in a bankruptcy.

Can Aafes garnish my wages?

However, unlike ordinary creditors, AAFES and/or Military Star do not have to play by the same rules. They may start garnishing your wages without court process and without warning. This is because AAFES and/or Military Star have the authority to place an involuntary “allotment” on your wages.

Is the PX tax free?

The Exchange is a lifetime benefit that provides goods and services to the military community worldwide, offering tax-free shopping and military-exclusive pricing.

Is the PX a federal job?

5 answers. Yes AAFES is federal employment. Yes It is part of the Department of Defense. It is not considered a Federal job although it caters for the military and their family.

Can civilians work at the commissary?

Who Gets to Shop at These Facilities? In the past, only those with valid military ID could shop at AAFES and commissary locations. Dependents, retirees, and currently serving military members are all permitted, but civilian employees and other categories of DoD personnel have been left out in decades past.