How do I redeem an old Groupon?

How do I redeem an old Groupon?

Redeeming an Expired Groupon

  1. Find your expired voucher on your My Groupons page, under Credit Vouchers (on the website) or Expired (on the mobile app).
  2. The amount you paid for the voucher can still be used at the business toward the purchase of the goods or services originally advertised in the deal.

How long is a Groupon voucher valid for?

The paid value of most Local Groupons never expires. This means that unless the fine print states otherwise, after the promotional value expires, you can still redeem your voucher at the merchant for the amount you paid. Learn more about using expired vouchers here.

What happens when you mark a Groupon as redeemed?

We provide the option to manually mark vouchers as “Redeemed” so you can keep track of what you’ve used. Please be aware, however, that once a Groupon has been marked as redeemed, you’ll no longer be able to view or print it.

Can you trade in expired Groupons?

Under the terms of Groupon’s trade-in program, you can trade in certain Groupon vouchers for Groupon Bucks up to two weeks after they expire. When you trade in an expired voucher, your Groupon Bucks payment is equal to the amount you originally paid for the traded-in voucher — the voucher’s face value.

How do I return a Groupon order?

How do I cancel a Groupon order I placed? Click the “View Details” button next to the Groupon you want to return. (Remember, you can only return Groupons within the first three days of purchase, and they can’t have been redeemed.) Then, click “Cancel Order.”

How do you tell if Groupon has been redeemed?

After logging in, at your name at the opening page [upper right], go to My Groupons. If you didn’t mark a voucher redeemed, all your vouchers will be reflected there. If 2 vouchers are listed and you don’t know which one you used, you need to phone the restaurant and ask them. Hope this is useful.

How do I redeem a Groupon gift voucher?

When you’re ready to redeem your Groupon:

  1. Go to My Groupons.
  2. Select View Voucher.
  3. Your redemption code will be below the bar code.
  4. The ‘Instructions to Redeem’ section of the voucher will provide the website URL and the steps necessary to use your individual code.

Can I Screenshot a Groupon voucher?

You can send it to your email as a screenshot and go to a library to print it out there. How do I book a Groupon voucher given as a gift?

Can I get a refund on my Groupon voucher?

Additionally, any unredeemed voucher may be returned to us within the first three days of purchase for a refund of the amount paid. After that three day time period, Groupon will not refund any voucher and all sales are final, unless otherwise stated in the Fine Print.