How do you count work time under the heavy vehicle national law?

How do you count work time under the heavy vehicle national law?

You must count all work time before and after the subsequent relevant major rest break in that 24 hour period. For example, if on a day you started working at 6am and worked: 5¼ hrs (6–11.15am) then took a 15-minute break. 2¼ hrs (11.30am–1.45pm) and took a 90-minute break.

Do local truck drivers have to keep a logbook?

Drivers do not have to keep a logbook, but their employer must keep accurate time records for 6 months that show: The time the driver reported for duty each day; The total number of hours the driver was on duty each day; The total time for the preceding 7 days.

How long can lorry drivers drive without a break?

After 4.5 hours of driving, HGV drivers are legally mandated to take a break of at least 45 minutes. This driving time can be continuous and done all in one sitting, or composed of multiple shorter periods. Either way, they reach that first 4 hour 30 minutes mark, they must take a 45 minute break.

What is two up driver?

two-up driving arrangement means an arrangement under which 2 people share the driving of a motor vehicle so that one is driving while the other is travelling in the vehicle.

What does the HVNL aim to do?

The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) is the law that regulates all vehicles over 4.5t GVM in participating jurisdictions in Australia. The purpose of this law is to promote and support the safe and productive transport of goods and people by heavy vehicles.

Does POA reset driving time?

Does POA reset driving time? Do 2 hours driving then 45 minutes POA and the tachograph will reset the driving time but if you now do another 4½ hours driving before having a break as the tachograph will let you and you can expect an infringement or if you get stopped by VOSA you can expect a fine.

Can a HGV driver work 7 days in a row?

The answer to this commonly asked question is a HGV driver can have no less than 9 hours’ daily rest within a 24 hour period up to three times in a week. This means a HGV driver can work a maximum of three 15 hour days a week (as long as all other working time rules are met).