How do you find if a business is registered in BC?

How do you find if a business is registered in BC?

You can also use OrgBook BC to find information about organizations legally registered in B.C. For example, you can check if a corporation is legally registered to do business in B.C. or look up “doing business as” names for registered corporations.

Should I register my business BC?

Do I need to register a business? As an individual, you don’t need to register a business name – you can always conduct business under your personal name. Registration of a business as either a sole proprietorship or partnership does have certain benefits though.

What is a BC business registration number?

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) assigns a 9-digit business number (BN) to identify a business, incorporated company or society. The number stays with a business or organization while ever it’s doing business or operating. There are no fees or renewal processes.

How do I get a BC business summary?

You can order a BC Company Summary through a legal search house. These search houses are located across Canada and you can usually find them online. The summary is provided in pdf format and can be delivered by email.

Is corporation number same as business number?

Your corporation is assigned two different numbers with somewhat confusing names: the Corporation Number and the Business Number. Both numbers are used for communicating with different branches of the government.

What is a BC company Summary?

A BC Company Summary provides a record of the information on file in the BC government’s database for a company that is incorporated in British Columbia. Date of Incorporation. Date the last annual report was filed. The names, mailing address and delivery address for each of the directors.

How do I open a business account in BC?

Start a business

  1. Develop your business idea. Do some research.
  2. Choose a business structure. Choose from a sole proprietorship, partnership, or an incorporated company.
  3. Request and reserve a business name. Request and reserve a business name online ($30 fee)
  4. Register or incorporate.
  5. Get required licences or permits.