How do you get to syrups potion shop?

How do you get to syrups potion shop?

Luckily, Link receives a Mushroom during the Oracle of Seasons Trading Sequence, from Talon. With the Mushroom in hand, Link can go to the Sunken City and enter the Potion Shop where he can give the Mushroom to Syrup, who will soon open up shop.

How do you get to syrups shop in Oracle of Seasons?

In Oracle of Seasons, Syrup’s Potion Shop is located in the middle of the Sunken City. It can only be accessed during the winter, when the water has frozen and snow has piled up, effectively creating a bridge for Link.

Where is the potion shop in Link to the Past?

The Magic Shop is a shop in A Link to the Past. It is owned by the witch, Syrup. The shop can be found in a small hut at the northeastern portion of Hyrule in route to the Waterfall of Wishing. It is located just north of the Eastern Palace Compound and east of the Hyrulian Cemetery.

Where is Syrup in Oracle of Ages?

Yoll Graveyard
Syrup is the owner of Syrup’s Potion Shop which is located in the north-eastern corner of Yoll Graveyard in the present.

Where is the Witches House in Zelda?

The Witch’s House is a location in A Link Between Worlds. It is the house of Irene and the Witch. It is found exactly where the Magic Shop is in A Link to the Past: north of the Eastern Palace and south of Zora’s Domain.

Where is the Witches Hut Link’s Awakening?

Koholint Prairie
The Witch’s Hut in Link’s Awakening is found in the south of Koholint Prairie, right next to the entrance to the Cemetery. It is the home of Syrup and a rat, where she mixes potions in a large cauldron all day.

Where is the witch hut in Zelda?

Is there a store in Kakariko village?

The Kakariko Village Shop is a small shop found in A Link to the Past. It is located in the southwest portion of the Kakariko Village and is west of the Kakariko Inn and east of the Mysterious Hut. The Kakariko Village Shop is the only store in the village and is always open.

How do I get past the Witches Hut?

Inside the cave is a teleportation rune which leads to the Witch’s Swamp. Once inside the Witch’s Swamp, the Witch’s Henchman will be blocking the way to the Witch’s Hut. He will only allow the player to pass if he is given Void Mayonnaise, which also completes the quest Goblin Problem.