How do you politely apologize for late payments?

How do you politely apologize for late payments?

Please accept our sincere apology for the late payment. We were clearly aware that our payment of [payment amount] was due on [date] and that we did not remit the funds on time.

How do you apologize to a customer for a mistake?


  1. Say sorry and express sincere regret.
  2. Be specific about what happened.
  3. Validate and relate to the customer’s feelings.
  4. Show what steps your company will take to make sure the inconvenience won’t happen again.
  5. Give your customer your contact information for extra measure.

How do you respond to an apology email professionally?

Examples of How to Respond to an Apology or ‘I’m Sorry’

  1. “Thank you for reaching out to me. I’m still dealing with a lot right now, so we’ll need to talk more later.”
  2. “I appreciate hearing from you, but I can’t process this right now. I just need more time to get past some of this.”

How do you respond to an overdue payment?

Your best response is to ask for another appropriate email address to resend the invoice too, and also confirm receipt of that email. This new email is great opportunity to reiterate the terms of the payment – i.e. how long they have in which to pay.

How do you apologize for missing a payment?

I hope that my late payment has not caused any difficulty for your company. I appreciate the business you do, and the personal service I always get from you. I am sorry if I have caused any problems for you or any of your employees. Please let me know if I can do anything else for you.

How do you apologize to a customer for late reply?

Try something like this:

  1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful note last month! Also, my apologies for the slow reply; transitioning into this new role has been a little overwhelming, but I’m excited.
  2. Sorry for the delayed response.
  3. My sincere apologies for the slow reply; I’d hoped to get back to you sooner.

How do you respond to sorry when it’s not okay?

I would guess that the following are the most common types of responses.

  1. No worries.
  2. It’s fine.
  3. No problem.
  4. Please don’t let it happen again.
  5. Apology accepted.
  6. It’s okay.
  7. Don’t mention it.
  8. You should be, but I forgive you.

How do I respond to a payment confirmation email?

Thank you for the recent payment you have made to us for the sum of @[email protected] I hereby acknowledge receipt of payment which has been set against the following invoices. If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.