How do you say you have graduated from college?

How do you say you have graduated from college?

“I graduated from college” is the most accepted use of graduate in this context. You can also say “I graduated college” or “I was graduated from college.” Both are frequently used, but to some people they are considered incorrect.

What do I do if I just graduated from college?


  1. Move to a New Place.
  2. Don’t Be Afraid to Live at Home.
  3. Spend Time Networking.
  4. Get an Apprenticeship.
  5. Pursue a Volunteer Opportunity.
  6. Consider Graduate School (But Only For the Right Reasons)
  7. Try Working for Yourself.
  8. Just Get a Job (It Doesn’t Have to Be Forever)

Do international students stay in the US after graduation?

Many international students wonder if they can stay in the US after graduation — and yes, it is possible! Although your F-1 visa expires when you are no longer enrolled in college, there are ways new graduates can stay in the US to complete an internship or gain real-world experience.

How do you say I’m graduated?

If you have a degree, you can say “I am a graduate” or “I have graduated”. She graduated in 1990. She is a graduate of Harvard.

Why do people say graduated college?

In the late 1800s, conventional wisdom said that a school did the act of graduating students, so the proper way to use “graduated” was to say that Johnny was graduated from high school. That passive wording, “was graduated from,” was considered standard English.

What does graduating college feel like?

While most people think of graduation as an exciting and wonderful marking event, many fail to recognize the other emotions evoked by this transition time. Graduation not only can bring up feelings of excitement, pride, and anticipation, but also those of loss, discouragement, and fear.

When can I say I have graduated?

“I have graduated!” can be said by the graduate immediately after graduating. It uses the present perfect tense. “I graduated.” can be said by the graduate at any time after graduating. It uses the past tense.

Is college same as university?

What Is the Difference Between a College and University? Colleges are often smaller institutions that emphasize undergraduate education in a broad range of academic areas. Universities are typically larger institutions that offer a variety of both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.