How does Zach Hamilton die in Dexter?

How does Zach Hamilton die in Dexter?

Dexter realizes Zach was framed and the two resume their alliance. Dexter later finds Zach dead in his apartment, having been murdered by Oliver Saxon, the true killer, and disposes of the body.

Who kills Zach in Dexter?

He inserts the picture into a computer and updates Daniel’s age by 40 years. It then reveals him to look exactly like Oliver Saxon, whom Dexter recognizes instantly. From DNA on a can in Saxon’s trash, Dexter is able to him match him to Zach’s killer. This confirms that Saxon is definitely Vogel’s son.

Who is the brain surgeon in Dexter?

Daniel Vogel, better known as Oliver Saxon, is the main antagonist of the eighth and final season of the TV series Dexter. He is a serial killer known as “The Brain Surgeon” who removes parts of his victims’ brains, and who becomes Dexter Morgan’s nemesis. He was portrayed by Darri Ingolfsson.

Who played Mr Hamilton on Dexter?

Sam Underwood

Sam Underwood
Born 4 August 1987 Woking, Surrey, England
Nationality British
Occupation Actor
Years active 2010–present

What happens to Zach Hamilton?

He was the only apprentice of Dexter to be killed by the Main Antagonist. He was the only victim of The Brain Surgeon shown to be killed while he was still conscious. Zach is the final person Dexter wrapped in plastic for his ritual, despite being spared by him in the end.

Why did Dexter throw Deb in the ocean?

It was a cruel irony that Dexter’s last kill turned out to be his sister. She was technically alive when he pulled the plug, making it an especially heartbreaking death. He also buried her at sea, dropping Debra into the sea to mark the end of his time in the life he’d made for himself.

Does Deb find out about Dexter?

In the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter, Deborah finds out that Dexter is a serial killer, and appears to accept it, although she is sometimes torn between her love for her brother and her duty as a cop.

Who shot Debra Morgan?

Christine was strongly loyal to her father and felt a deep need to be loved by him. She even went to great lengths to obscure her father as The Trinity Killer by shooting and killing Special Agent Frank Lundy and wounding Debra Morgan.

Does Deb forgive Dexter?

Hall) Morgan. The fourth episode of “Dexter” Season 8, the show’s final season, ended with Deb going off the deep end in more ways than one. The incident will change Deb, who has been struggling with killing LaGuerta and forgiving Dexter.

Is Vogel a killer on Dexter?

Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling) — the Frankenstein-like creator of Dexter Morgan’s kill-code and the mother of yet another Miami serial killer, The Brain Surgeon (Darri Ingolfsson). Vogel was dispatched in “Goodbye Miami” by her own son, whom she tried to save from Dexter’s vengeance.

How did Zacks blood get under Cassie’s nails?

I’m assuming whoever killed Cassie is the one who killed Zach. Dexter found blood under Cassie’s fingers that matched Zach’s, which is what led him to track Zach down to the Florida Keys, where Zach was attempting to deal with the mess he made killing some guy he went to college with.

Who was Zach Hamilton’s neighbor on Dexter?

Dexter’s neighbor, Cassie, instantly notices this and tells Zach that he is not home, to which Zach gets even angrier and insults Dexter’s attitude. Cassie is shown dead later on, and Zach’s blood at the crime scene apparently points to him as the killer.

Who is the actor who plays Zach on Dexter?

Sam Underwood Sam Underwood (born 4 August 1987) is a British actor and writer. He played Zach Hamilton, a wealthy young man and a budding serial killer, on Showtime ‘s DEXTER.

Why did Dexter put Zach on the table?

As Dexter stalks Zach, he observes him following his father in an apparent attempt to kill him. Quietly intercepting, Dexter captures Zach and puts him on his table. However, after hearing Zach’s side of the story (that he was killing for his mother’s sake), Dexter sees the similarities between Zach and himself.

Why was Zach Hamilton dumped in the Gulf Stream?

Zach was one of the few characters dumped in the Gulf Stream who was not killed by Dexter or by anyone affiliated with him. The act of dumping him was to get rid of the body, avoiding another investigation into The Brain Surgeon, and removing evidence of him being left at Dexter’s Apartment.