How hard is it to get into Columbia Engineering?

How hard is it to get into Columbia Engineering?

For the class of 2024, Columbia reported an acceptance rate of 6.3 percent, so just about six students for every 100 applicants will receive a treasured acceptance letter. Because Columbia considers applications holistically, every part of the application matters.

Does Columbia have supplemental essays?

Columbia has four supplemental essay questions they want applicants to answer. Instead of requiring you to write a traditional college essays, Columbia instructs you to provide lists, such as what you look for in an ideal college community, what you’ve read over the past year, and more.

What does Columbia want in a student?

Ideal Columbia students show that they are challenging themselves in and out of school and will continue to do so in the future. These are students who demonstrate independence, intellect, diversity, knowledge and spirit to understand and give back to the world.

What is the acceptance rate for Columbia University?

5.9% (2019)