How much are concrete steps for a mobile home?

How much are concrete steps for a mobile home?

Mobile Home Steps

Wood Concrete
1 step $105
2 steps N/A $175
3 steps N/A $245
4 steps N/A $355

How much does it cost to remove concrete steps?

The national average cost range is $500 – $5,000, with most homeowners paying around $1,856 to remove 600 square feet of concrete sidewalk….Concrete Removal Cost by Area of Removal.

Removal Average Cost
Steps $250 – $400
Footing $350 – $500
Gutter $350 – $500
Slab $600 – $1,000

How can I make my concrete steps look better?

There are a lot of designs you can use as a basis to make your concrete steps look better from painting, applying decorative tiles, wood planks, bricks, or even stamped concrete. However, before you start your makeover project it is important to check if your concrete steps are in need of repairs.

How heavy are precast concrete steps?

5ft. Wide Steps

Code Description Weight
601SWP 1 Step with Platform 650 lbs.
602S 2 Step 690 lbs.
602SWP 2 Step with Platform 1,500 lbs.
603S 3 Step 1,125 lbs.

Portable Fiberglass Steps Concrete Fiberglass 3 steps $245 $399.99 4 steps $355 $469.99 5 steps $400 $529.99 6 steps $629.99

What kind of steps do you need for a mobile home?

Steps for a front, back or side entrance to a mobile home are made in two basic types, concrete, and fiberglass. These steps work for just about any building that have a raised entrance and require stairs for safe and easy access for everyone coming and going.

How big are the fiberglass steps in a mobile home?

Fiberglass stairs have individual strands of fiber sticking out along the sides, which can be sharp if they catch you just right, but can easily be avoided by wearing gloves when you are picking up the steps to move to a new location. 36″ wide, and each step is 11.5″ deep and 8″ high .

How many people do you need to move concrete steps?

Concrete steps are heavy and long-lasting. A two-stepper needs three people to lift and set in place, while the larger ones are best moved with a forklift or a team of body-builders.