How much does a basecamp Airstream cost?

How much does a basecamp Airstream cost?

The Airstream Basecamp starts at $36,900 MSRP, and will cost around $39,600 with the Basecamp X add on package. There are also additional add-on packages for the Basecamp, including a 160 watt solar system for $2,000 and an AC with heat-striping for an additional $1,100.

Is the Airstream Basecamp worth it?

It’s easy to tow: There’s no denying that towing for the first time can be intimidating for many, but the Basecamp line is a pretty good place to start. The trailers themselves are relatively lightweight, stable at speed, maneuverable in Los Angeles traffic, and easy to reverse into a surprisingly tight camping spot.

How much does an Airstream Basecamp 16 cost?

2022 Airstream Basecamp 16, $48,574 *This unit is not yet in stock.

Do airstreams have toilets?

The Toilet and Toilet Paper Cover Like all Airstream Travel Trailers, the Basecamp comes with a porcelain Dometic toilet. The best part? You flush it with your foot by pressing on the paddle.

Can you Boondock in an Airstream?

Boondocking is camping without connecting to water, electricity, or sewer. It can include dispersed campsites on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land or wild camping in a secluded spot off-the-grid.

Do Airstreams have toilets?

Can You camp in an Airstream travel trailer?

RV Camping in the Basecamp Travel Trailer offers plenty of at home conveniences li… 2021 Interstate 19 Diesel Van Conversion by Airstream RV.

When did the first Airstream Basecamp come out?

Today’s Basecamp is actually a new and improved version of our original model from 2007. Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler walks you through the thought process that went into each step of the updated design.

Is it worth it to buy an Airstream?

Every inch of an Airstream has a function. Airstream is the most thoroughly tested brand in trailer history. Its engineering is the culmination of over 80 years of experience plus millions of miles on roads throughout the world. Buying an Airstream is the first step in gaining some independence on your vacation.

Is there a bathroom in a basecamp RV?

Yes, it has a bathroom. And a kitchen, and a lounge area that turns into a bed. Explore how we packed everything you need into one of our smallest camping travel trailers yet. Basecamp’s compact, lightweight design opens up all sorts of possibilities.