How much is hosting per year?

How much is hosting per year?

How much does website hosting cost on average? The cost of website hosting for small businesses in the UK ranges from as cheap as £2/month, all the way up to more than £400/month. Shared hosting is the cheapest form of website hosting (£2 – £12/month), while dedicated hosting is the most expensive (£60 – £400/month.

Is Bluehost billed annually?

The Bluehost 12 Month prices cost $5.95/month billed annually. The Bluehost Plus hosting plan costs $6.95/month and it’s billed once a year.

Can you pay monthly for web hosting?

Monthly web hosting is simply a web hosting plan that allows you to pay on a monthly basis (month-to-month) with no long-term commitment, meaning you’re able to cancel your plan at anytime without the risk of additional fees or penalties.

How much does a hosting server cost?

So, how much does it cost to host a website? Shared hosting (the cheapest kind) costs $2.49 – $15/month, and dedicated hosting (the most expensive kind) costs $80 – $730/month. But there are a lot of options in between. There are several different types of hosting to choose from, and many different variables at play.

Can you cancel Bluehost at any time?

You can cancel your account within 30 days of signing up or set your plan to expire at the end of the term at any time.

Why is Bluehost so cheap?

Bluehost employs a policy called CPU Protection for all plans that use shared hosting. When you use shared hosting, it means that your site is not the only one on a given server. That’s why Bluehost (and other providers) can offer web hosting so cheaply: no one is paying to run their own server.

How much does Bluehost charge for hosting?

Bluehost Shared hosting cost

Basic Choice Plus
12 months $8.99 / month $16.99 / month
24 months $8.49 / month $15.99 / month
36 months $7.99 / month $14.99 / month
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Does Bluehost charge monthly or all at once?

Bluehost currently does not charge monthly for their hosting plans for new accounts. You can, however, pay monthly with Bluehost if you have already signed up with Bluehost and you are getting ready to renew your plan with them. For new accounts, the minimum term for Bluehost hosting is one year.