How much money do welders make in Oklahoma?

How much money do welders make in Oklahoma?

The average salary for a welder in Oklahoma is around $41,470 per year.

How much does a male welder make?

Additional Information

Average Wage $37.04 / hr
Average Salary $78,045.00 / yr
Hours Per Week 40.7 hrs

What does a welder charge per hour?

The average rate for welding services is $62.50/hr. The difficulty of the job is sure to affect actually costs, so you can still expect prices to be as low as $50/hr or as high as $70/hr.

How long do welders stay away from home?

Industrial shutdowns typically last from a few days to a few months. For most people doing this type of work, the traveling is done within about a 1000 mile radius of their home. Welders who work shutdowns typically spend six months out of the year on the road and the other six months taking time off.

What is the highest paying job in Oklahoma?

Obstetricians And Gynecologists
Detailed List Of Highest Paying Jobs In Oklahoma

Rank Job Title Average Salary
1 Obstetricians And Gynecologists $243,720
2 Family Medicine Physicians $214,130
3 General Internal Medicine Physicians $213,130
4 Psychiatrists $205,920

How much does a pipeliner welder make?

Salary Ranges for Pipeline Welders The salaries of Pipeline Welders in the US range from $30,654 to $79,385 , with a median salary of $49,556 . The middle 57% of Pipeline Welders makes between $55,763 and $59,440, with the top 86% making $79,385.

Where do welders get paid the most?

Where Welders Make the Most Money

  • Alaska.
  • Hawaii.
  • North Dakota.
  • West Virginia.
  • Wyoming.
  • Nevada.

How many inches can a welder weld per day?

On a project it is normally expected for a welder to produce around 80 to 100 inches per day.

How much do self employed welders make?

How much does a Self Employed Welder make? While ZipRecruiter is seeing monthly salaries as high as $21,375 and as low as $1,667, the majority of Self Employed Welder salaries currently range between $2,958 (25th percentile) to $6,708 (75th percentile) across the United States.

Why are welders paid so much?

Originally Answered: Why do welders make so much money? How much money do you think they are making? It comes down to the price of the equipment being used and the knowledge of the Welder to know what type of Welding Rod to use. It takes years to gain the knowledge a Welder needs to have to do his Job correctly.

What is the poorest town in Oklahoma?

Lowest Poverty Cities in Oklahoma

  • #1. Broken Arrow, OK. Poverty Rate of 7.2%
  • Edmond, OK. Poverty Rate of 12.4%
  • Oklahoma City, OK. Poverty Rate of 15.8%

    What is the richest town in Oklahoma?

    Detailed List Of The Richest Cities In Oklahoma

    Rank City RichScore
    1 Piedmont 1.67
    2 Tuttle 2.33
    3 Mustang 5.67
    4 Bixby 6.0

    How many inches can a welder weld per hour?

    140 inches
    The average welder can complete about 140 inches of weld per hour.

    How is welding inches calculated?

    Welding inchdia in it is: Total joints of 4″ in it = 1(pipe with flange) + 1(pipe with elbow) + 1 (it is optional – if a pipe purchased is of 6m length then you need to weld pipe to pipe to gain 12m length spool, but if pipe purchased is of 12m length then it is not required). so inch dia = 4*3 = 12.

    Who’s the richest person in Oklahoma?

    1. George Kaiser – Net Worth: $13.2 Billion. With a net worth of $13.2 billion, Tulsan George Kaiser tops our list as the richest person in Oklahoma. Kaiser serves as the chairman of BOK Financial Corporation.