How much property loss was their because of fire?

How much property loss was their because of fire?

The 2018 fire property damage included $12.4 billion in direct property damage caused by the 2018 California fires in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI).

How many house fires are total losses?

(2) Includes overall direct property loss to contents, structures, vehicles, machinery, vegetation or any other property involved in a fire….Reported Fires By Property Use, 2019 (1)

Property use Fires Property loss (2) ($ millions)
Structures 481,500 $12,287
Residential 361,500 7,976
Home 339,500 7,767

How many house burn down each year?

Q: How many house fires occur every day in the United States? A: An estimated 358,500 home fires occur every year.

How many forest fires happened in 2016?

7,349 fires
In 2016, a total of 7,349 fires had burned an area 669,534 acres (2,709.51 km2) in California, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

How many people died in a fire in 2019?

In 2019, local fire departments, including departments protecting towns, townships, cities, and counties, responded to an estimated 1,291,500 fires in the United States. These fires caused an estimated 3,704 civilian deaths, 16,600 civilian injuries, and $14.8 billion in direct property damage.

What percent of accidental deaths are fire related?

One- and two-family home fires account for 66% of civilian deaths and 55% of injuries. Apartment structure fires account for 10% of deaths and 21% of injuries. Civilian home fire deaths per million population has decreased 63% in the last 40 years from 23.0 to 8.4 in 2019.

Which fire destroyed the most homes in 2018?

Camp Fire
The Camp Fire destroyed more than 18,000 structures, becoming both California’s deadliest and most destructive wildfire on record.