How old is Thomas Kennedy?

How old is Thomas Kennedy?

93 years (1927–2020)
Tom Kennedy/Age at death

How much does Tom Kennedy make?

Executive Compensation As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at RAYTHEON CO/, Thomas A. Kennedy made $17,098,188 in total compensation.

Who is CEO of Raytheon?

Thomas A. Kennedy (Mar 31, 2014–)
Raytheon Company/CEO

Are Tom Kennedy and Jack Narz brothers?

James Edward Narz (February 26, 1927 – October 7, 2020), known professionally as Tom Kennedy, was an American television host best known for his work in game shows….Tom Kennedy (television host)

Tom Kennedy
Children 4
Relatives Jack Narz (brother)

Where is Tom Kennedy buried?

Tom Kennedy

Birth 15 Jul 1885 New York, New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA
Death 6 Oct 1965 (aged 80) Woodland Hills, Los Angeles County, California, USA
Burial Hollywood Forever Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California, USA
Plot B Building, #345
Memorial ID 7901760 · View Source

How much money does the CEO of Lockheed Martin make a year?

What is the salary of Marillyn Hewson? As the Executive Chairman of the Board of Lockheed Martin, the total compensation of Marillyn Hewson at Lockheed Martin is $30,914,000.

Who is Thomas Kennedy?

Kennedy (born 1955) is an American business executive. He was the chief executive officer (CEO) and chairman of the Raytheon Company from March 2014 to April 2020, and is currently the executive chairman of Raytheon Technologies.

How much does Greg Hayes make?

Gregory Hayes made $20,970,890 in total compensation as Director, President and Chief Executive Officer at Raytheon Technologies Corp in 2020.

How old was Jack Narz when he died?

85 years (1922–2008)
Jack Narz/Age at death

Did Bill Cullen have polio?

He survived a childhood bout with polio that left him with significant physical limitations for the rest of his life. Cullen was a pre-med student at the University of Pittsburgh, but had to withdraw because of financial problems.

Is game show host Tom Kennedy still alive?

Deceased (1927–2020)
Tom Kennedy/Living or Deceased

Who was Tom Phillips when he joined Raytheon?

Tom Phillips first joined Raytheon as an electronics design engineer in Lab 16, the company’s advanced research center.

Who was the chairman of Raytheon in 1966?

Tom Phillips with former Raytheon Chairman Charles Adams at D.C. Heath, an educational company acquired in 1966 as part of a strategy to expand the company’s reach into the consumer market. Cookies help us to improve your website experience. We use cookies to collect anonymous information.

Who is the current CEO of Raytheon Company?

Kennedy was elected to the board of directors in January 2014. In April 2020, Raytheon Company completed their merger with United Technologies Corporation (UTC) to form Raytheon Technologies. UTC CEO Gregory J. Hayes was named CEO of the combined company, and Kennedy was named Executive Chairman.

What kind of contracts did Raytheon have in the 1970s?

Under Phillips, Raytheon focused on government contracts like the Sparrow missile and Patriot forerunners Hawk and SAM-D through the 1970s, even as it continued to pursue acquisitions that reached consumers. It also built air traffic control systems, phased-array radars and shipboard defense systems.