How to get to Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve?

How to get to Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve?

To get there, take MTR to Tai Wo MTR Station and leave at Exit A. Then, take bus No. 72 or 74A at Tai Wo Bus Terminus and get off at Chung Tsai Yuen Bus Stop. Afterwards, walk along the Tai Po Road Tai Po Kau to the entrance of the Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve for about 3 minutes.

How to get to Tai Po Kau Trail?

Head to the Tai Wo Bus Terminal and catch bus 72 to Chung Tsai Yuen. Walk along Tai Po Road for approximately three minutes to the entrance of Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve. Trek up the uphill slope for 100 metres until you see a flight of steps to your left. This marks the trailhead of Tai Po Kau Nature Trail.

Where can I see fireflies in Hong Kong?

Tai Po Kau
In Hong Kong there are about 20 species of fireflies, many which can be found in Tai Po Kau. Another key habitat for fireflies is the mangrove areas, as can be found at Mai Po in Yuen Long. In general fireflies like a wet, watery environment with trees and lots of rotting wood.

How do I get to Ng Tung Chai waterfall?


  1. Take the MTR to Kam Sheung Railway Station.
  2. Catch the 64K bus to Ng Tung Chai Bus Stop.
  3. Backtrack 100m to the trail entrance on the opposite side of the road (sign marked NG TUNG CHAI)
  4. Follow the signs to the Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls.
  5. Return to Ng Tung Chai bus stop.

How do you get to Tai Po Waterfront Park?

Tai Po Waterfront Park is accessible by KMB Route Nos. 72A, 73, 73X, 75X, 271, 275R, 74K, 75K, 71K, 71S and MTR Feeder Bus Route No. K17. Members of the public can also access the park by taking a 30-minute walk from Tai Po Market MTR Station.

How do you get to the Bride’s Pool Waterfall?

Getting There While Bride’s Pool Waterfall is quite far away from Hong Kong Island, it’s also quite easy to get to. We recommend you take the MTR to Tai Po Market Station. Then, take a taxi to the Bride’s Pool Barbecue Site (in Cantonese it’s 新娘潭燒烤場).

How do I get to the Madai stream?

The easiest way to get there is to take the MTR to Tai Shui Hang Station, exit B. it’s a five minute walk north along Hang Tak Street. The entrance is at the nullah between Tai Shui Hang Village and Chevalier Garden.

Can you swim in Brides pool?

Located near Tai Mei Tuk in the New Territories, Bride’s Pool boasts a 15-metres high waterfall and a two-metres deep plunge pool at its base, making this a serene swimming spot. You can barbecue at one of the multiple sites above the falls, but picnicking gets you closer to the water.

Why are brides pools called pools?

Legend has it that a bride was being carried in a sedan by four porters on her way to meet her groom in stormy weather. As they passed the pool, one of the porters slipped and the bride fell into the pool and drowned. Therefore, the pool was named Bride’s Pool in memory of the bride.

What do you wear to a waterfall hike?

Here are the items I recommend you pack, wear, and carry when hiking to waterfalls.

  • Hiking Shoes. I just cannot tell you how much I have loved my Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator Low Hiking Shoes (men’s and women’s).
  • Rain Jacket.
  • Shirt.
  • Pants.
  • Shorts.
  • Daypack.
  • Dry Sack.
  • GPS Device.

How do you hike to brides pool?

To take this route, start on the opposite side of the road from the barbecue site car park and walk downhill until you see the stream on your right. Follow the stream until it connects with Pin Seng Leng Nature Trail, which you can follow to Bride’s Pool or Tai Mei Tuk.

How do you get the brides pool?

How to get to Bride’s Pool

  1. By green minibus. The green minibus 20R plies between Tai Po Market Station and Wu Kau Tang, a small village near Bride’s Pool.
  2. By taxi. Alternatively, you can take a green taxi to Bride’s Pool bus terminus from Tai Po Market Station.
  3. By bus (best option, but only on Sundays)
  4. By cycle or foot.

How many way marked walks are there at Tai Po Kau?

There are five way-marked walks you can take in the nature reserve. Four are “colour-coded walks” and the fifth is a Nature Trail. At a short distance from the entrance of the reserve, you can find an information board that describes the coded walks, including the varying lengths of each.

Is the Tai Po Kau Forest a good place to visit?

Originally designated as a Special Area within the country parks system, the Tai Po Kau (大埔滘) Nature Reserve is a splendid example of reforestation – supporting a wide range of fauna and flora as well as being a good place to visit, with an excellent trail system.

How tall is Tai Po Kau car park?

It was originally called the Tai Po Kau plantation, describing the 440 hectares of forest on the steep catchment area of the stream you see near the car park area. The height above sea level extends from 50 metres to 647 metres at the top of Grassy Hill (Tso Shan).

How big is the Tai Po Forest Reserve?

The area of the reserve is 460 hectares, and covers the long-established forestry plantations. The plantations extend from the eastern slopes of Grassy Hill down to Tai Po Road. The area is heavily wooded, with more than 100 different species of trees.