How To Heal A Gurgling Stomach Effectively?

How To Heal A Gurgling Stomach Effectively?

Your stomach may gurgle at any hour of the day, causing gurgling or burbling sounds. These stomach sounds can cause embarrassment for you as well as amusement for others.

Although gurgling stomach sounds are often associated with hunger, there are other causes. Frequent, persistent gurgling stomach sounds can be due to food intolerances, excess sugar intake, digestive disorders, stress, and other factors.

Borborygmi is the medical term for a gurgling, growling stomach. It can also be associated to hunger. This hormone secretion is thought to trigger contractions in the gastrointestinal tract (GI). You can hear the growling sound from miles away, even though there is no food to muffle it.

What exactly is stomach growingling?

Our gut is home to many good bacteria. They are responsible for protecting us against pathogens and boosting our immune system. Every bite of food we eat is fermented in different parts. Gas is one byproduct of this process. This gas is combined with the air we swallow while eating, which is what causes a growling stomach.

Why is stomach growling so common?

There are many reasons stomach growling can occur. Some of these are listed here:

  • To help digestion
  • Stomach growling occurs when food, liquid, or gas pass through the stomach and small intestine.
  • Stomach rumbling or growling is normal.
  • These sounds are not muffled by the stomach so that they are easily identifiable.
  • hunger and incomplete digestion.

How to heal a gurgling stomach

Although stomach growling is normal and part of normal digestion, it can also be embarrassing. These are some effective ways to stop stomach growling.Here are some tips to avoid stomach gurgling. Know more about healing stomach gurgling.

1. Do not overeat

Overeating can make the digestive system work harder; this is why you may feel more digestive gurgling after large holiday meals.

You can avoid overeating by eating smaller portions and eating slowly throughout the day.

2. Eat slowly and frequently

It could be your eating habits. You eat fast and swallow large amounts of air. The bacteria produce more gas when the stomach and intestines must do additional food digestion.

You’ll make your stomach work much easier later by completely pulverizing every bite. This will make digestion easier. You can also chew slowly to reduce the likelihood of swallowing air. This will prevent indigestion or gas.

3. Get water

Water is the best solution to every problem, even an upset stomach. Water is essential for the body to absorb nutrients and to remove toxic substances from your body. Dehydration can cause stomach upset, vomiting, and diarrhoea. Stomach burning may result from an increase in acidity.

4.Ginger and Jaggery

Ginger will assist you to boost the health of your system and cut back the number of gurgling in your stomach. Ginger is an excellent therapeutic herb that helps with digestion. Ginger is a strong herb so you can mix a few pieces with jaggery to prevent stomach gurgling.

5. Reduce acidic food

High acidity foods and drinks include coffee so they can increase the chances of stomach gurgling. You can reduce stomach growling by reducing or eliminating your morning cup of coffee.

6.Be Active and continue physical activity

Walking after meals is a good idea. Source to speed up stomach emptying, aid digestion. This can help reduce stomach rumbling. So don’t be lazy if you want to avoid these things.

7.Reduce sugar intake

Although sugar is essential for brain function, it can be difficult to digest. You can reduce your sugar intake if you want to stop your stomach from growling.

If your body is sensitive to sugars your stomach will growl from excess gas, and you may experience other symptoms like inflammation and stomach pain. Drink water and space out sugary treats. This can help to reduce stomach growling.

8.Lemon water

For indigestion, lemon water is a great option. Lemon water is the best option for abdominal discomfort. Lemon water’s alkaline effects help to soothe stomach acidity.


In this article we have  discussed stomach gurgles, and the causes. I’m sure, This article gives advice on what you can do to reduce the severity and frequency of stomach gurgles, such as drinking more water. It is important to speak to your doctor if you experience frequent gurgles. They can also run tests on your stomach.